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F1Manager 2005

I just received an email that f1manager.info is back up again this year. And I just signed up, and set up a team.

Driver1: Rubens Barrichello
Driver2: Christijan Albers (will probably be switching him for Kiesa later, as he'll be cheaper and I want a better chassis/engine)
Chassis: Jordan
Engine: Minardi Cosworth
Tyres: Bridgestone

Anyone else planning on joining again, or perhaps making a forzaminardi subleague?


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  • Here I am!

    Team ZlobinGP

    Driver1: C. Albers
    Driver2: F. Massa
    Chassis: Sauber
    Engine: Minardi Cosworth
    Tyres: Bridgestone

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  • ah yeah i remember now.

    I got the e-mail then couldnt remember doing it, but it was that damn thing that i kept fooking up on, kept transfering drivers, without realising you lose a %age every time you made a transfer.

    I'll have a bash again
  • ok mine

    Minardi Cos
    Babe 6

  • did anyone else enter this?

    If so hows your team doing?

    Mine isnt too bad, but wish i'd bought in the Michellins instead of Bridgestones.
  • 5009th position - bad

    i started with barrichello and albers but now switched barri to trulli.

    my team's name is MINARDI UTD.

    what about the sub leages - are they still out of order?
  • No they are STILL working on sub leagues!

    Im in position 1367 atm, not too bad.
    Pos. 838
  • Pos 2814
    Made a jump upwards of about 1800 places since last race though :)
  • ok so let's keep this thread alive and keep comparing the classification!
  • updated, im up to position 298 :D
  • my position improved from 5009th to 4036 - can't make changes with the limited budget i got so my team still consists of

    Red Bull Cosworth
  • Slipped to 1760.................

    I had Fisichella and Klien :spank: :spank:
  • it's still a very long race till the end!

    bye the way what can you win? nothing?
  • My team atm is

    Minardi Cos

    Is it true you cant win anything? I thought there was a prize. Im sure there was last year
  • I don't know, I asked the question cause i hate reading, especially between the lines!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wow. I moved from 2814 to pos 1971 :)

    At this moment:

    Driver1: Fernando Alonso
    Driver2: Jarno Trulli
    Car: Minardi
    Engine: Minardi Cosworth
    Tyres: Michelin
  • up again, from 298 to 226
  • I'm up about 700 places :)
    Position 1222 now.
  • i'm up also, still very far away though - from 4036 to 3834
  • and after Barca I am in place 3385.

    still way back but progressing!

  • Thanks to Trulli, Alonso and Toyota ive jumped from 275 to 149. No to get rid of them Minardi engines
  • 1242 to 1117

    This gave me the chance to buy a Toyota engine.
    Toyota Engine
    Minardi chassis
  • dropped from 149 to 172

  • 3676 :spank::spank::spank::spank:

    i fell back!
  • currently i have

    Red Bull engines
    and Michellins

    I have a budget of 9 mil
  • how can I ever catch up!!!!!:o

    i have
    Albers (not exactly Alonso!)
    Toyota (just bought it now)
    Red Bull Engines

    nearly as you if you leave out Alonso.
  • I'm on 2200 something.............:(
  • i could bring in toyota engine for this weekend, but gonna leave the team as it is, and save up for a merc engine
  • Up slightly

    from 172 to 149

    Got a big budget of $16.6m to spend!
  • still in the region of 3000th place so not a lot of progress there!:(
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