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Midland Jordan

Jordan announced today the sale of the majority stock in the company to the Midland Group. Good for Minardi, means there will be no new Midland team in 2006 in addition to Jordan.

In 2005 the team will still be named Jordan and race the Toyota engines, as already agreed.

One of the drivers shall almost certainly be Timo Glock.


  • http://www.formula1.com/news/2556.html

    With statements from Snaider and Jordan.

    I don't get why this is such good news for Minardi. The competition with Jordan will be even harder to win and to be glad that there won't be an extra team is being glad that there won't be an extra team ahead of you. Minardi shouldn't think like that. They have to rely on their own strength and not the possible weaknesses of others. Believe in yourself. Forza Minardi.
  • i guess that due to the transition from a lot of functions between Jordan and Midland (Dallara still going to build the chassis next year) will not be
    a very good boost for some of the engineers in the factory. (especially
    the ones that know next year they will be kicked out)

    So i personally see Jordan struggling this year while the transition is happening
    and then next year after everything is complete they might go and pick up the
    pieces and try to catch up with the rest of the field.

  • Jordan are going to struggle next year.

    Think A russian driver might be at Jordan next year
  • Too soon to call. Let's see how much cash the new guy injects.
  • Cash is one thing. The timing of the cash is another. If they had no guarantee's that money was coming it may have slowed their off season prep. This is good for us as it seems we are farther along with our pre season prep than Jordan is.

  • Dammit! :mad:

    I knew there wouldn't be 12 teams on the grid next year. :(

    Oh well, let's hope Dubai follows thru and we at least get someone new joining the F1 show. :rolleyes:
  • McLaren says Dubai is still on track but there were complications in taking over the old factory.
  • I suppose with Judas still involved, it is still sort of Jordan, for now.

    Do we think the RussoCanadian will only run with it for one year and set up with Dallara for '06? And if so, do you think EJ has got any clauses in the deal to protect his staff, or do they get unceremoniously dumped? If you were on his staff, would you trust Eddie to watch your back?
  • Jordan are going to struggle next year.

    Think A russian driver might be at Jordan next year
    Go Judas! Get old Zlobo and Minardi will kick your arse
  • Shnaider certainly seems to suggest that the Dallara programme continues.
  • Yea, have to agree that not having more teams is a big dissapointment for F1. The Dallara program is the nexus of the Midland challenge. Expect the clearout at Jordan to begin PDQ!
  • DV .......... ;)
  • PDQ ???
    Pretty Damn Quick
  • OHH,

    TY (=Thank You);)
  • STFU :angel: :hehe:
  • I give up !!:rolleyes:
  • Hey, relax there fella.

    Learn to ----> :hehe:
  • The way Jordan is talking on the Jordan website (yes I visitied it briefly, forgive me!) he sounds like he won't be there for very long.
  • EJ will be grandstanding this year and doing some tin-rattling.
  • On various Dutch websites it's said that Doornbos wants/expects to close the deal for a driving seat at Jordan this week. He has found a major sponsor very recently and is eager to make an end to all uncertainty asap.
    Besides that he doesn't fit in the car too well at the moment (where did I hear that before ? :D). Not that he is too fat, he's relatively tall.

  • i forgot about that, thanx Biker for remembering. He has serious possibilities in fact.
  • That would be handy for Minardi, Dominguez is no superstar.
  • Minardi should be keeping a lookout for some decent staff. We may be able to pick up some good people from Judas' lot...
  • I just read on the 'net that some people are already fired, and that prediction is that more will follow !!
  • That would be handy for Minardi, Dominguez is no superstar.
    He might not be a superstar, but he's got balls, and he uses them when he's behind the wheel. I'd wanna have him on my team too.

    I'd much rather see him reamin where he is, it's a much more competitative seat than Jordan anyways.
  • Say what you want about Jordan but he will be missed. It's sad to see that such a legend has to go away because a certain man with a big wallet wants to have a hobby.
    I think the Jordan buyout is not good for Minardi in long term as well. It only shows the divide between the haves and have-nots has grown too wide. Dramatic rule changes would be required to level it out again. A competition of engines, technology and commercial deals instead of a competiton of drivers will never be interesting.
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