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2007 PS04B?

Well, I found this:

What's this? A PS04B with a 2005 front wing?
As far as I saw there are three drivernames and Tredozi wheres a helmet with all minardi cars.

I just found it per random.


  • Two of those 3 names were Tredozi. The other name was something like Pardini?
  • This was done as a OB by Italian Sky who GCM does commentary. I got a press release on it and totally forgot. The names on the car were Gabriel Tredozi, his son Tommaso and Sandro Parrini ex Minardi Mechanic. Nice to see GCM, Tredozi, Belloni and Parrini at the test. How cool was his helmet eh!

    [Edited on 13-1-08 by spark]
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