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Update Minardi Brazil site

hello friends!

I invite all the fans of the Minardi to visiting the Brazilian dedicated Minardi site :


Thank You,

Leandro - webmaster (Brazil)


  • Recibi tu email Leandro, luego te escribo.

    Sorry mates, his english isn't as good as his spanish.

    Javier (Yoko)
  • Very nice site. :)
  • Much better than this place - love the montage intro.

    Can we have some Drum & Bass, RJ? Havin' it. As they say.
  • Nice site Leandro

    I liked the Flash intro:cool:

    Hope to see you on this site too
  • I see the intro, but can't enter the site !!:(
  • nice site,

    thumbs up.
  • Bitchin' site - but how the hell does OZ Minardi have a link there but Minardi CLub San Francisco does not?
  • MCSF :
    In next update, I will addadd Minardi CLub San Francisco link.

  • Thanks - and when our new site goes up (hopefully soon) I will add your link to ours. Your opening segment is fantastic - Minardi should pay you for it!
  • I gotta thank Quig once again, for it was him who told us here about this site. Thanx pal!
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