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GPWC Governing Principals, What's your view?

I thought this may be an interesting discussion.

The fact that we have a push for restricted testing, other cost controls that TOIT won’t adhere to, this list of principals may assist us in negotiating a better deal for whichever group the team decides to align with.

Links to the principals as laid out in the Pitpass.com story are below



My initial thoughts…

There isn't anything that I can say causes me great concern. The items regarding cost controls are very positive. Also, the point that promotes support for smaller, independent teams is also positive.

One point regarding the aim to provide the fastest lap times of any sport is a little dangerous. I'm not sure that this is necessary.

I do like to the point of the driver being the main the differentiating factor.

Some of the general technology points are also linked to costs.

Is this a better deal for independents like Minardi? I think it’s a good start.

In terms of Minardi's best interests and the sport itself, what do you guys think?


  • Nothing but populist bullshit.
    Is this a better deal for independents
    Its a series founded by manufacturers....
  • It's serious damage control.

    GPWC is dead in the water.

    When Bernie get the independants on board by waving lots of dosh, then F1 is secure.

    Stuff the manufacturers, what did they ever do for us.

  • Engines, or is Ecclestone going to supply a one make engine for all the indepedents to race TOIT?
  • Maybe 1-year old TOIT engines !!!
  • Engines, or is Ecclestone going to supply a one make engine for all the indepedents to race TOIT?
    ahem, strangely enough Toyota, is the only other manufacturer apart from Toit suppling engines at the moment.

    BMW, Merc, Renault, Honda.

    All big talk, but to paraphrase: SHOW ME THE ENGINES!

    Cosworth could become economical if all the independants purchased Cossies.

  • It's all down to monies, the rest is shite.
    If GPWC pays more than Bernie, drop FOM. You can afford other (better) engines with a decent budget. Else stick to Bernie. He fux it up with TOIT but pays a bit.
    Let's see what the GPWC has to offer. Rather than show me engines, SHOW ME THE MONEY.
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