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Minardi to drive in the streets of amsterdam

Heard it on the radio last saturday when Albers was interviewed. Surprised that nobody posted it before...

From the SBS-site:

Albers puts pedal to the metal in Amsterdam

Thursday januar 27th Christijan Albers will present his dutch sponsors to the press. He will do so during the Minardi F1 team pre-launch party at the Cineac in Amsterdam.

We (SBS) can tell you that Christijan will drive a minardi before the press-conference, that will start at 20.00hr This was confirmed by albers management today. So, also for the fans that do not have admission to the pressconference there will be something to see and experience in Amsterdam!

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  • 20.00hr
    Ain't that 10pm :o
    Generic military types?
  • ^LOL

    Anybody can post a website to watch live the presnetation today?
  • 2000 iS 8 PM

    Hope the car has lights.
  • According to albersf1.com, Christijan will arrive in about 3 hours and 11 minutes, so that would be 21:00.
  • 2000 iS 8 PM
    Oh shit, you're right :dumbguy:

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  • Lipp:
    Surprised that nobody posted it before...
    Somebody did:
  • :spank: sowwry...
  • Darn, if I would have got home a little earlier I could have gone....
  • F1racing.net:
    Cristijan Albers today announced he will support his debut season in Formula One on the Internet with leading Formula One news and information web site F1Racing.net. Minardi driver Christijan Albers will keep his fans up-to-date throughout the season with a regular personal column at F1Racing.net, giving a unique insight into the life of a fast, young driver breaking into Formula One.

    Headquartered in the Netherlands, F1Racing.net is supporting Albers make his Formula One debut by sponsoring the Dutch driver. The F1Racing.net web address (www.f1racing.net) will feature prominently across Christijan's helmet visor throughout the season. F1Racing.net will also help Christijan's management and other personal sponsors including JVC, PlayStation and Trust make the most of their association with Christijan online.

    "It's an exciting time for me and I can't wait for my first race in Melbourne," Albers said. "It's going to be an amazing experience and I'm looking forward sharing it with all my fans in my very own column at F1Racing.net."

    F1Racing.net is one of the Internet's most popular Formula One web sites and offers readers the latest F1 news in eight languages.

    "It's proving increasingly difficult for talented drivers to break into Formula One, however it's great news for the sport that a driver as fast and exciting as Christijan will be on the grid this season," added Jeroen Huis in't Veld, Chief Executive Officer, F1Racing.net. "We are proud to be working with one of the hottest prospects in Formula One and alongside some great companies which have helped him secure this amazing opportunity."
  • Next to Meurmans, JVC, also Playstation is on the car.
  • Is there any website reporting at the moment?
  • Playstation would be real nice.
  • According to the TOMS-board, the sponsors are:




    Lost Boys





    and Media Republlic

  • Also Total, MAN trucks and Arai helmets are on the car. Unfortunate there is no website reporting anything at the moment, but pictures will follow soon I hope.

    Edit: You were faster than me. :D
    Also Trust is on the car.

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  • Are they also presenting the new livery?
  • I don't know, I haven't seen any pictures yet.
  • Latest rumours are that Trust will be back on the car....:hehe:
  • I hope the pictures will be online till 7 o'clock tomorrow...
  • I think today they present the "Dutch" livery, but that this livery will change at the real launch in Melbourne,once all the sponsors are confirmed; teamsponsors & 2nd and 3rd driver's sponsors.

    The helmet:

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  • Yep Trust is on the helmet :(
  • Sponsored by PlayStation2.... how cool is that?

    EDIT: Oh, and Trust... well, nothing can be perfect.

    EDIT²: christjan.com published a list with all the sponsors: MAN Truck & Bus, JVC Nederland, Garcia Jeanswear, Bilderberg Hotels & Restaurants, Lost Boys, Media Republic, Playstation, Scapade en Paul Pertijs/Audemars Piquet.



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  • Trust will only be on the cap, not on the car.

    Stoddart confirmed that Kiesa will be the second driver but no contract has been signed yet.

    More sponsors: 4net.nl, id-t, Stichting Doe een Wens, Pertijs Juweliers, SBS Autosport and CO2
  • He's driving on bricks!!!!!!

    were you there or is this infoon the'net???

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  • Stoddart confirmed that Kiesa will be the second driver but no contract has been signed yet.
    Oh no :( Source? And did he say something about when Kiesa will be confirmed?
  • Source: the pre-launch party. Confirmation: soon, only details....
  • quote:
    Stoddart confirmed that Kiesa will be the second driver but no contract has been signed yet.
    Let me correct that.

    Stoddart confermd that the second driver is known. An experienced EuropeanF1 driver who has driven for Minardi before. So Baumgartner, Kiesa or Verstappen (the last one not really likely)
  • @ Homer, in your list you had Total, is that the petro company?
  • Totally no total ;)
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