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Worried? You should be!!!

Another example of hoping for other people's failure rather than getting your arse into gear and doing the job you're supposed to be doing


What he shoudl be saying is:

'Yes I know Midland have bought jordan but lets face it EJ had the team on the market for ages, and it has a better points scoring pedigree than Minardi so it was only a matter of time before a buyer was found. To me it makes no difference. We've spent all the money we did'nt spend on testing last year, found decent sponsorship and designed a stonker of a car, this car will beat Midland or Jordan..........and be vyying for midfield.'


  • For once Matt, I can see you're point and have to say it's a good one, a bit more fighting talk wouldn't go amiss
  • If Stoddart was boasting of going out there and whipping Jordan's arse, and Red Bulls too while he was at it, who would be the first to say he was talking a load of rubbish, living in a dream world, just saying the same shite as at the start of 2003 blah blah blah.

    It doesn't matter whether the words are cautious or bullish - its the action on the track that will really count. Which is why hiring Kiesa would be a big mistake.
  • You miss my point Silverghost. I would be the first one to jump down his throat if he did his usual bullshitting act of saying that he was going to whip Jordan's ass IN THIS PRESENT STATE.
    What I AM saying is that with no testing last year and more money reportedly for this year there is no reason why Minardi should not have designed a car that is capable of doing good things if we have the correct personnel to design a good one.
  • Matt, that is indeed what Stoddie is pledging, a whole new car by Imola. Cut him a bit of slack until then.

    They are trying for a main sponsor, of course they are. See the GCM interview on the front page and also this thread should cheer you up:


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  • Minardi will have made a tiny profit in 04 (a triumph in the circumstances), but no grounds for significant progress. There is no warchest to build a midfield team infrastructure (even if you could do it in a few months).

    Stoddart is relying on his small design team to come up with the goods. Minardi will be punching above their weight to beat Jordan, and with the PS05 they might, with a good driver on board. Albers and Kiesa? One unproven quantity and one proven slug?

    No grounds for massive optimism, but some grounds for hope. I wouldn't be shouting from the rooftops in Stoddart's shoes, but I wouln't be ashamed of the job I'd done either.

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