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More reason to hate TOIT

OK - this may be a pub topic, but it also involves F1, so I'm posting it here.

I play on a simulated motor sport game called BATracer. I think a few people on here may have played it at some stage. Basically as stated, its a simulated turn based game, with different series (F1, F3, A1 ChampCar etc)

The site had to be taken down today, due to TOIT threatening legal action against the site.

I cannot believe that a TOIT feel they need to do this to a small online community. It's petty beyond belief. What do they feel they will achieve by doing this? Have they not got bigger fish to fry? Grrrr

Here is the message on Batracer home page:

BATracer Unavailable Until Further Notice

BATracer is presently unavailable due to legal issues following receipt of a letter this morning (2nd November 2009) concerning user-submitted Ferrari content within BATracer. Efforts are being made to resolve this issue and to restore the site at the earliest opportunity following changes.

The ability to further upload user-submitted content for inclusion in the game has been disabled until further notice.


Statement Concerning Infringement of Trademarks and Designs of
Ferrari S.p.A. "Ferrari" of Maranello

The inclusion of Ferrari material into BATracer was not authorised by Ferrari, and the activity of BATracer and user contributions was not in any way related to Ferrari.

All Ferrari content will be removed from the game, and all user-carset projects involving Ferrari content will also be removed.


  • All they have to do is rename all the TOIT content Farreri or something similar and tell anyone who uploads stuff to make any TOIT content Farreri and the problem should be solved. True it is a bit of an arse when corporate suits spoil the fun but at least there is a relatively simple if time consuming solution.

    [Edited on 3-11-09 by steamdrivenhammer]
  • They should just change the prancing horse into a prancing donkey, and indeed rename it Farreri.
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