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TOIT get snubbed

From Autosport-
The rift between Ferrari and the rest of Formula One was laid bare on Friday when only the World Champions turned up for a meeting to discuss rule changes and the sport's long-term future.

With nine of the 10 teams absent, Ferrari boss Jean Todt, technical director Ross Brawn and International Automobile Federation (FIA) president Max Mosley spent two hours deliberating alone.

Mosley said it had nonetheless been a worthwhile exercise and another meeting had been scheduled for April 15 in Paris, when he hoped the others would attend. He suggested with a smile that they had stayed away more out of pique than anything else.

"I think there is an element of sulking at the moment," he told reporters. "It's a question of whether they are still sulking after Bahrain."

The nine teams, at odds with Ferrari over their refusal to restrict testing as well as their decision to break ranks with other carmakers who are planning for a rival series from 2008, had asked for the meeting to be postponed until after the Bahrain Grand Prix on April 3.

Many also feel increasingly that the world body favours Ferrari, the only team to have been in the Championship since the beginning in 1950.

The FIA however insisted that the talks, to discuss cost-cutting measures that might be introduced for 2008 and possibly earlier, must proceed as planned since any changes had to be agreed by the end of this year and they could not afford to waste time.

"We gleaned a great deal of useful information today, probably more than if we'd had the other teams here," said Mosley.


  • Not sure if the other teams are being big babies.
  • From what I gather, GPWC is no longer the 'manufacturer' series people talk of. I can see in the not too distant future all of the teams separating themselves from SLEC and TOIT, and going ahead with GPWC as planned. A championship for the teams run by the teams...with money given back to the teams - including Minardi.

    What are the odds it was Stoddart that suggested to the other team managers that they not show up?
  • Almost certain.
  • Stoddart the anarchist :cool:
  • Go stoddie, fock TOIT:spank:
  • As F1Racing Australia had on their cover.

    "The most respected team leader in the pit lane, and the one with the job nobody else wants", or words to that effect.

    Go Stoddie, you little beauty....................
  • Not showing up to the meeting :)

    That is the first bit of cost saving that has worked, well done stoddie, well done rest of teams ;)
  • Stoddart just does his shit the Australian way - I think it irks the Euros purely because he's an Aussie and 'Giancarlo wouldn't have done that'. Guess what - time has moved on and so have F1 politics.

    Go Stoddy! :)
  • You really do enjoy those chips on your shoulders, don't you? More vinegar?

    Just because I occasionally disagree with his tactics doesn't mean I don't admire Stoddie. Most people in the paddock are shysters but most do the hard work behind closed doors. I would argue he has gone public too often and that may well have compromised his image with potential sponsors. Apart from that the guy is a saint.
  • Yeah, we love your chippies down here. It comes from living in the Greatest Country In The World. :)
  • ...........................and as the jingoism slowly drowns away, and the cultural cringe auto-retort from the hack echos in its own chamber.

    Interesting thoughts from Stoddart in the article in question, and more I suspect, due to his own personality and views, than to his nationality (which must be considered notional since he has spent more time among Brits than anybody since Germain Greer - and look what heppened to her!!). He covers quite a bit of ground in nine bloody pages. In my view he is being used quite a bit by the likes of Bernie, Frank and Ron. The latter two catching on late in the piece that they could use Paul to push their agendas whilst they lurk in the background, rather than go to the front themselves. In all liekelyhood Stoddart is aware and complicit in all this.

    Whichever it is, what is to be noticed is that Sauber doesn't sing from the TOIT hymbook anymore; BAR, Williams, and McLaren have realised that their best chance of beating TOIT is to side with the slow cars instead of trying to stay as independant, or cartel voices.

    TOIT have a fine history, as do Williams and McLaren. That history has in recent times been invalidated to a significant degree by pure avarice.

    So two years ago there was no problem according to the teams; Stoddart was just a whinger. Now nine teams have some sort of accord that the barbarians are indeed at the gate. Despite that, the small minded autocrats and their acolytes (you know who you are ((said low and sinisterly, with a pointing finger))) scoff at Stoddart and his methods.

    When meaningful change is finally forced through he won't be thanked, and I reckon that he knows that. He will KNOW however, that he didn't stand by whilst he was in a position to do something to preserve a sport that he clearly loves more than most.

    I admire that. If you don't, well good luck to you.
  • I hope you all got that.
  • Paul had three very good reasons not to go to that meeting. :cool:

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