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It Starts

Took the kids to the swimming complex in Albert Park on Sunday.

Already they have started integrating the track logistics with the other park uses. Noticed lots of high fencing, concrete barriers, and most importantly, corporate entertainment facillities already in place. Kind of exciting to see things starting to happen.

Now you would think that as the corporate representative of a company that supplies roadside service to brands such as Ford, Jaguar, Landrover, Volvo, Astin Martin and Honda that one might be knocking back invites to the race, wouldn't you? But no, nothing, nada, radar's dead. Even after I took some folks from those very companies to corporate hospitality during the semifinals of the Oz Open Tennis - and I bloody hate Tennis!

At this rate I'll be rubbing shoulders with the likes of Superoo, OzMinardi, The sandy-footed one, and ergghh......P1!

Please hospitality gods, be nice to your boy!


  • This will make you feel better.

    I should just be able to make it over as well. But don't worry I have almost got that horrendous skin condition and assoicated body odder under control.

  • Well then you and Clown will get along fine.

    You are going to make it Clown.... or does Oz need to bring the dog?
  • ^ I just cost myself a few thousand on Friday night (which my future paychecks will have to cover), so its now iffy :(
  • Don't you live in Melbourne, Clown? If you can't make a GP when you live in the fucking host city you need to re-prioritise. :o
  • only about a month to go, Ozlanders. Do we have a list of who will be in attendance?
  • Don't you live in Melbourne, Clown? If you can't make a GP when you live in the fucking host city you need to re-prioritise. :o
    I live in Brisbane :P

    And my No.1 priority at the moment is a new car

    I had right of way.....
  • My BAD :angel:
  • D'oh! Poor Clowno, got injuries as well or only some stress?
  • If you had right of way and the other guy has insurance then you should get a settlement. Part of that settlement should include pain and suffering that can only be cured by going to the GP with your mates.

    Pretty simple stuff actually. I should have been a lawyer.
  • But naturally being 20, it must be my fault, so it'll probably be ruled dual-fault. Which means I get pay the lovely $900 insurance excess :yay:

    Yoko, My whole body has been aching for a few days, particularly my chest, left shoulder and neck. It'll heal.
  • Living in Queensland IS dual-fault.

    HO, HO, HO, Ho, Ho, Ho, ho, ho, ho.........................
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