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Germany 2010

Well - it will be interesting to see if Vettel and Alonso KO each other on the first few laps. Lets hope for another exciting race?


  • AS it turns out that wasn't the interesting part at all. More interesting by far was the confirmation that TOIT have learned nothing at all about racing since the Sewervemaker departed.

    Uber boring race though. Vettel still can't start, still can't pass. Maclaren still know how to manage a race strategy; and Red Bull still don't.

    Phillipe still doesn't know how to cuddle............but that's fairly understandable; and Fred still doesn't know how to get through a race without one-hand gestures to the kids.

    Going to go to bed without watching the interviews, and post-race press hoo-haa.

    I expect to wake up to news that Ferrrari have been disqualified. If I don't, well....................you can add; 'and the FIA still don't know how to apply the rules fairly', to the above list.
  • Vettels 'swerve' from pole will get him into serious trouble soon - its bordering on ridiculous, and it made him lose the first corner, and maybe the race, unless of course, Ferrari win the appeal - then he has won the race.

    If Ferrari want Alonso to pass why don't they just give out a codeword, such a s 'banana' and then that is orders for the lead driver to run wide on a corner to let his/her team mate through? Its not too hard - is it?
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