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Williams FW27

Does'nt look too clever! Poor frank he really needs to sort the shambles of a design department out. Fisher is a waste of time and so is Bigois.
My advice to both him and Stoddart in 2005 is to remeber their Dosdoyevski " I may be in the gutter, but I can still look at the sky...!" I choose Sky !, Sky 2 and for an extra £11.95 a month Shy sports extra:)


  • Got any pics to post or do I have to actually get F1 news from outside of ForzaMinardi.com?
  • Lazy lamb shank.

    RE: car. Agreed Petrol, not pleasant at all. Looks anorexic or is that just the paint job/regulations combining? Anyway, F1 cars are becoming even more awful than they became in the mid-90s.
  • Got any pics to post or do I have to actually get F1 news from outside of ForzaMinardi.com?
  • That is what I call service!

  • F1 2005 spec have to be the ugliest cars on record. :(
  • Got any pics to post or do I have to actually get F1 news from outside of ForzaMinardi.com?
    Don't you still have an Atlas subby?
  • C'mon fellas,

    The devil is in the detail.

    Look how low the sidepods are and how lower they sweep round the back.

    The nose hasn't changed much, but these 2005 front spoilers are fugly.

    Thanks Max.

    Hopefully, February testing will see teams come up with better solutions.

    Lets see what Ferrari and Minardi come up with.
  • I trust Williams to know what they're doing. They've based the design heavily on last year's car so they have the benefit of knowing the design already and I'm sure they've worked the kinks out of it. McLaren showed us that the twin keel design, done right, can fight for wins with a dominant TOIT.

    The only area that looks outwardly 'bad' are the sidepod cooling bits. Very cumbersome looking, but no worse than what BAR always comes up with.

    Hopefully for our man Mark and Quick Nick, the devil is in the details on this one. Remember the difference from the F2003 and the F2004? Hmm..
  • What a POS
  • The back looks like the 1995 Mc Laren Mp4/10.
    Remember, Nigel Mansell's last one. THat he fucked off after two races.

    This is my impression, but also MS said that the team he most fears is mcLaren.

    I'm afraid Williams aerodynamic department is a bit fucked up.
  • I would strongly disagree, girls.

    Had a look at the shots on Pitpass and the car looks really clean. There appear to be four very obvious areas in which the designers seem to be in agreement:

    Get as much of the front wing close to the ground as is legally possible without creating drag-inducing intersections

    Dramatically Reduce the frontal and cross-sectional area of the sidepods

    Exhaust a lot more of the cooling air through the chimneys (probably due to the tighter sidepods), and take the chimneys up and out further so that the air flos over the top of the rear tyres

    Extend the end-plates of the rear wing, presumably to straighten the airflow off the sidepods

    What they seem to be at odds about is how many planes (or elements) to put in the front wing assembley. What I don't understand about the Williams is how the low scoop on their wing is a single plane that becomes two planes as it sweeps upwards.
  • ^Looked good till you got to the end-plates in the rear wing. Lease, I think it's just because they need some space to place big sponsors stickers. No aero benefits on that.
  • The end plates were, once again, regulated to a larger size by the FIA.
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