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Melbourne 2011

well, a start of a new year. It seems to have been a long summer break, but, all things look good for an exciting year. I'll assume there will be a bit of crying over how the new tyres wear and its difficult to use the rear wing, and a bit of extra danger.
I hope it sorts out the men from the boys!.
Im hoping Team Lotus sorts it's legal mess out, as Lotus on the Renault is just for marketing purposes. Torro Rosso also seem to have stepped up nicely.
See what Sunday brings.


  • Tyres and weather will determine this race.
  • we have a team outside of the 107 percent, by quite a margin, without proper testing i think it'll be almost impossible for them to ever qualify this season
  • Wow! Seb first, daylight second.

    I really thought Ferrari would have been kinder to their tyres.

    Nice party trick by TOIT to make sure Button got a drive thru.

    Today was the warmest day of the weekend and it seemed to affect the wear of the tyres.

    What was Webbers problem?
    Sauber was a nice surprise.
    Rubens should hang up the boots.
    Clewlis will be a real threat by Europe.
    Will reserve my judgement on the DRS.

    I think Malaysia will be a better test of where the teams are.

    It was an OK race.
  • Well it was entertaining, but to me it was a bit of a characiture. I think that they have fiddled so much with this thing, that it's starting to look like V8 Supercars; with the comptetitiveness 'dialled in'.

    Amazing job by Vettel. Completely controlled the whole race and made it look so easy, the cameras quickly looked elsewhwere.

    Drive of the race had to be Hamilton. The boy is all class and kept comming at Vettel when he could.

    Top stuff from Petrov to keep his head and keep the car on the road with three sets of tyres. It was all timed to perfection, with Alonso comming at him too late to do anything. That one will make the strategists worry a great deal about the Renault. Imagine if it had been Kubica? Could he have won??

    Rumours are that there are people still waiting at Albert Park for Webber to show up. Clearly, Vettel has kidknapped him and has him in a dungeon somewhere whilst this other guy in the Webber suit slides around the circuit. It's hard to understand how an average single tenth in time difference between them has become eight tenths, but there it was. One was tempted to think that maybe the head wasn't in it for this year after all, but watching him chase Alonso showed that he was seriously pushing the car. Even after the tyres went off in the last stint, he was taking riskes with the back end. It may all come down to a bad call on setup, or he just isn't working well with the new tyres, but he needs to do something about it or he'll end doing his rep a whole lot of harm by season's end.

    So what the heck is the story of the RB KERS anyway? Both of them certainly got off the line better than normal, but since it can't start till 100 kays, that doesn't seem to be it. We wonder and wonder.

    Great drive from Alonso, but they will need to qualify the car a lot better or they too will be in bother.

    It's probably time to say bye-bye to Massa. He must know by now that something is broken and is not going to be fixed.

    Button looked funny. Full marks for trying around the outside of 11, but 12 exists, and its either a big accident for somebody or the option he took. Either way it was the wrong thing to do. I put the clever TOIT move down to Phillipe.

    Williams look like they have a half decent car, but are in search of a driver; at least one that will keep it on the road. Honestly, that crap from Ruebens was just stupid. He should have a grid penalty for that one.

    HRT are just sad. I read someone somewhere saying what we want at the back is more minardis, not the joke that these guys have become. Not only will they struggle to get the times needed, but I'm betting that half their sponsors probably didn't show up on the day either. Imagine how humiliating it must be for them to sit in the box with everyone laughing. Virgin are also in trouble. They are 'surprised' at how fast the grid is. Well gee guys, maybe you can't design a car sitting on your arse in front of a computer. The wind tunnel proves, or disproves the theories and then shows you where the bloody airflow is going so that you can fix it. What a surprise!

    Sauber were awesome, until they got crunched. Let's see if they are still quick after they fix the wing.

    Malaysia will be more indicative, but there's a lot of work for 23 of the drivers to do, because Vettel has laid down the marker, and it's about three metres over the tryline.
  • You said it all and rather well. Bastard.

    Don't like the wing thing: not F1. Its the circuits, stupid.

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