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What? No rugby thread?

Nobody watching the rugby? Lease and his compadres must be very pleased they just knocked out the world champions while viges avoided being bereft of his marital rights for the foreseeable future by England losing to France and therefore not clashing with Wales in the semis. I still think the All Blacks should take this one but then again, I've so far been wrong on every single game of the knockout stages


  • The French always have 1 big game in them. England just plain didn't.

    No team has really stood out, and I think any of the 4 can win this.

    Aust and NZ have injuries to key players and it can go either way. Wales should beat le frogs.
  • Sure thing I followed it, RJ.
    Actually, Italy made me dream till the start of the second half of the decisive game against Ireland, then we gave up and it ended 33-6.

    What does it mean that so far you've been wrong on every single game of the knockout stage? That you thought Argentina was gonna beat the Kiwis?

    Can't actually wait for Kiwis-Aussies on Sunday morning: imagine that, Kiwis miss two key players, but it would be a national tragedy if they lose.

    Of course will support Wales against France tomorrow. If they make it to the final, I'll definitely support them, even though I know, of course, that the winner will come out of the other semifinal (and of the other emisphere).

    All in all, though, quite a mediocre edition of the rugby world cup, was very disappointed by England and South Africa, and there was no real amazing performance by any team and by any player (except Wales perhaps). Hope Kiwis-Aussies semi to be a really great game.
  • Whilst common sense says the Cup will go to NZ or OZ, it would be unwise to count the French out now that they have made the final.

    The game against Wales never reached any great heights, but if they can defend in the final the way they did in the semi, then who knows what errors a frustrated attack may make.

    If it is France v NZ then I hope someone does a Rainbow Warrior banner in the crowd.
  • No, Manlio ... I had the Kiwi one right :-)
    All Blacks have been sensational in the first few minutes against OZ
  • England deserved nothing, Wales deserved everything.
  • Very close game between England and Italy. We were unlucky. And seeing also the game we played with France the week before (lost 30-12, but had the play in our hand for the whole game, except for allowing France a try every time they got the ball), I feel optimistic we're on the right way to become competitive in the next 5 years.

    I see Wales with a strong opportunity to win the 60Nations this year (which is also an indication from the last World Cup).
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