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Nissan V8 Super Car

Does that make sense?? How about Datsun Musclecar?? Nope.

Still, in the never ending world of scouring every possible dollar out of televised motorsport, the V8 series is to be a three make series in 2013.

Capitalising on the announcement, the organisers are also making sure that people know that Chrysler & Toyota are thinking about it too. Can't wait for the 5.0 litre Yaris homologation model. If Chrysler are true to form, they will use the 300C and make ALL of their old motor racing mistakes again. They'd be better of with the PT Cruiser. At least it would look cool. how about the first ever SUV supercar; Dodge Nitro. Ah you could have heaps of fun.


  • I didn't know that Nissan made a V8 engine. It's funny how some GM fans have vented their anger at Kelly Racing for switching to Nissan when the cars next year wil have a common chassis like NASCAR, just with a more realistic sheet metal that looks like the production model.

    It sounds like Chrysler may join and I don't think Toyota will join, but I think Kia may.

    Should really go back to a production series. As long as the racing is good who really cares.
  • Common chasis is a stupid idea. They should stick with the floor pan and body of the production cars.

    Since they are going to go to Austin, has anyone figured out the insurance claims for strained necks when the fans who are likley to attend suddenly have to turn their heads in two directions?
  • Roo, I think Nissan run a V8 in their Infiniti range of cars in the US.
  • Agree about the common chassis, shouldn't try to be like nascar. Nissan/Infiniti does have V8s for their trucks/SUVs and V6/I4 for their range of cars over here.

    Lease, I hope the neck strains are figured out for the F1 race first, at least shouldn't be a problem for myself in Austin.
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