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Minardi two-seaters

Noticed in an article about Pirelli that they're now using the Minardi two-seater. Wonder whether Stoddy's crew is still operating them


  • Yes this is the Minardi F1x2 of Paul Stoddart. As every year the Minardi F1x2 be in Melbourne. This year the car will indeed be shod with Pirelli.

  • Well if it's in the Bendigo Advertiser, then it must be true.

    Pretty town, but pretty unimportant too.

    On the subject of Paul Stoddart though, I saw something interesting that made me smile.

    When Ozjet failed to make it as an RPT, they reverted to being a charter airline. They held a couple of contracts, but basically you do not try flying people around in 737-200s in this day and age. Not in Australia anyway.

    So Ozjet was sold to Strategic Airlines. Strategic was at that time a charter operator that was groing out of sight by servicing what is known as the 'FIFO' market. FIFO stands for fly in, fly out, which is getting workers into mining sites in the far north, and far northwest of the country. With the mining boom growing exponentially, the infrastructure in remote places can't keep up with boom populations, so workers fly in to a site for 2 weeks, and stay in dorm-type accommodation, then fly back to where they cam from for a week off. The cycle repeats constantly.

    So Strategic held a lot of these contracts and decided to go bigger by becomming an RPT. They renamed themselves Air Australia (inventive huh?), and took on the majors. Inevitably, the FIFO contracts started to get awarded to hungrier players with better resources (ie, the majors), and Air Australia found themselves in the shrakpool, and like many before them, failed.

    Last week, the liquidators were called in to find a company with 4,000 passengers stuck internationally,no assets (planes are leased), $90m in debts, and a neat $400K in the bank.

    So what started as Ozjet has ended up another failed airline......except.

    One story I read was the manager of Perth Airport saying that he had 2 Ozjet 737 200s on his apron, and a lot of unpaid bills. Obviously he wasn't going to release those planes till he got paid and the liquidators have already said that there will be a $0.00 return per dollar to creditors.

    Cut to Erupean Avaiation. Yep, it is still going, though it doesn't appear to fly anymore, and sticks to support services. I am wondering if maybe Stoddie is sitting in his office thinking about making an offer on those 2 737s (which after all, were low time examples in pretty good condition)and picking them up for bargain basement prices. It is certainly his style.

    It has nothing at all to do with F1 of course, but somewhere in the back of many minds is the thought of a cashed-up Paul Stoddart buying out STR and relaunching Minardi from Faenza.

    You just never know.
  • +1 ;)

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  • Thanks for post Lease :)

    Did I ever tell you my Uncle started East West airlines?

    (the 2 airline policy stuffed him up back in the '70's)
  • Maybe they should have also flown North South?
  • Minardi Two seater at Melbourne this week end :

  • Good to see they are still around, wouldn't know it by the minardif1x2.com site. Shame there is no current Minardi to base some updated F1x2 car.
  • Unfortunately the site minardif1x2.com have not brought to light since 2007/2008 while the team continues each year to participate in a évênement around the world. I research every F1 GP the appearance of the Minardi two-seater.

    The car dates from the early 2000s, an update will be great.
  • Got woken up at 8am this morning by the Minardi 2 seater
    Driven by DC. I'm only about 10km from the track.
    Probably the second best way to be woken up!!!
  • I'm not going to ask what the best way is
  • Minardi two-seater at Sepang on 28, 29 and 30 March. Both cars one to the other colors of Minardi in the colors of Maybank sponsored the event were driven by Alex Yoong and Patrick Friesacher.

    They discover the F1 to 30 people.

  • wow, bosco, that's amazing. are you sure these pics are from last month? friesacher and yoong seems like such a long time ago :-)
  • Thats definitely a fully 'SIC' article!

    How many coats of paint can that car have on it?

    (how many 2 seaters did they make?)
  • Might just be a vinyl wrap. I remember watching a few years back in Montreal a guy putting one on the Toro Rosso on the Thursday before the GP, now that is a skill I would surely screw up. I'd be surprised if it was paint, sure would have many coats if that is indeed the case.
  • I think there are a dozen two-seater. Remember races at Kyalami Minardi F1x2 organized by Paul Stoddart.



    No Minardi F1x2 in China this weekend, too bad, I think we see them again at Silverstone. Not easy to find info because the site have brought to light more unfortunately. Yet the program continues each year.
  • sorry to correct you, but it are less than a dozen...according to minardif1x2.com it are eight:

    http://www.minardif1x2.com/our_history.html"Inspired by the ground-breaking two-seater F1 car that had been unveiled by McLaren, Stoddart decided to take the concept one step further, and build a fleet of eight two-seaters."

    I have to say thanks for keeping us updated about it.
  • Thank you for the info I thought there were 10 two-seater. Well there are eight. ^ ^
  • did Stoddart build them? I thought they were bought from Arrows?
  • http://www.atlasf1.com/news/2001/jan/images/20010111-2.jpg

    Arrows actually had a three-seater.

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  • The Minardi F1x2 were built by Paul Stoddart. They are construitent on the basis of the Tyrrell 026 with Paul Stoddart had several models with whom he participated in the championship with his team EUROBOSS European Racing.

    We can see the inspiration for the Minardi F1x2 Tyrrell at the nose.

    Tyrrell 026

  • Swisse "Minardi" two seater 2013 at Melbourne.

    Presentation pictures :


    two seater Great ocean road pictures and movie :



    more pictures and movies at melbourne gp. ;)
  • Minardi two-seater in the streets of Shepparton in Australia, a week before the Grand Prix in Melbourne.

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