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Happy New Year

to you and yours from me and mine. Hope everyone kept themselves neat and tidy on the night. With the lack of communication in here I'm beggining to suspect you may all have been locked up for a while.


  • Happy things. I think we are hibernating because there's little good gossip on the driver front. Remember winter testing last year when all hose ugly cars came out to play?
  • I don't think it was the silly season that made this place look kind of dead. All spots are filled, yet, still nothing is happening.

    I think I can even year an echo...
  • In the words of Slartibartfast on the quietness at Magrathea for 5 million years, we have been been resting.

    Season starts soon ,and back in full swing. at least I will be.

    So how are things with Joss these days Stan??
  • I don't know to be honest. I haven't spent any time on his website since 2009. I spent more time here than I did there the past couple of years. And I haven't really been here much the past year either. That's life I suppose.

    I still think he's probably the best Dutch F1 driver there ever was though (however, that doesn't mask that he's kind of an ass of a human being).

    I hear his son is quite succesful in karting nowadays.
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