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Long time no see...

Hi folks

Hope you've been ok these last few years. Just a word really. Has anyone heard from Ste on here lately? We have had unconfirmed reports that he might have passed away in the last couple of days, hope this is untrue but Kev and myself got a text from him. Mine I thought a little strange as it was from a person called Steven on my home phone and I was wondering who the hell it was, can't remember the message as I deleted it without thinking. Now Kev says he's got a text saying that he's passed away in ICU a month short of his 30th birthday.
If so it's bad times....


  • Hi Matt, obviously I hope the unconfirmed reports are untrue but I am afraid I cannot help you. Its been several years since I recall a post. Was Ste not in touch with MCSF?

    Regards, Simon.
  • I think he's ok. Kev has said the text he got was from someone lese. However it doesn't explain my weird text and the fact that I can't get hold of him via facebook or e-mail...
    Until I hear from him personally I'll presume the worse. His facebook hasn't been updated since early May so it sort of supports a stay in hospital.

    Anyway if I hear anything I'll post it, cheers for the input Mr Vigar, all the best.
  • Well, no news is good news. Presume the best.

    Good to hear from you.
  • Certainly doesn't sound very encouraging, I'm not aware that Ste has been in touch with MCSF members, hope you hear something positive soon Matt
  • I am still alive and kicking, dont worry..... Just been out of the loop for a while.

    After consuming one or two too many sherberts at my new rugby club that night I may have sent out a text (I have no recollection of this, nor that I still had your number!), then the screen on my phone broke so went to the great iphone bin in the sky so couldn't see what was sent out.

    However nothing is wrong with me and thnks for the concern!!
  • Good! See what happens when you leave us to our own devices? Don't do it again.
  • Yes sir... *looks at floor in shame*
  • good to see nothing has changed :-)
  • Yes, do try to avoid being dead in the future.

    People will start thinking you are the Australian Cricket Team.
  • or Rugby team...
  • or Formula 1 glory days
  • Yeah.... um, sorry about this Ste!
    Glad you're not dead! :)
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