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First Gillard now Webber...

So Webbo is leaving Formula 1. Forever thankful that he scored a fifth spot for Minardi in 2002. Nine wins (so far) puts him around Berger but ahead of Patrese. Wonder how he himself looks back onto his career.


  • Look forward to seeing what he can do with the new Porsche. Having the car stay on the ground will be enough to beat his last foray in sportscar racing back in LeMans 1999.

    A major blow for the betting competition leaving only 1 ex-Minardi driver on the grid.
  • He will forever regret that disgraceful spun in Korea 2010, that (together with the crash with Vettel in Turkey) cost him the title. I think he must have seen again, in his mind, the seconds before that spun 100,000 times in these 2 1/2 years........
  • Seems a shame that he's leaving F1 completely, I would have thought Mark has agreat deal more to offer but I suppose the sport cars offers a new challenge.

    As mentioned he'll always have Melbourne!
  • I think Webber finally did come to the conclusion that he was just not quick enough, consistently enough, and as Manlio said, the Championship boat left in 2010 in Korea.

    I do wonder how he will approach the rest of the season though. As for sportscars, who knows?

    As for Gillard, good grief! We are gonna be post-mortemming her term for a bloody long to me to come. At the end of the day - and this is certainly not the whole picture - it turns out that Aussie politics really is still a 'guy thing'.
  • especially when it comes to sheilas with weird earlobes
  • I will admire him forever if he will push Vettel off the track in Brazil this year, while battling for that last point he'll so desperately need.

    Go for it Mark!
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