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The only really downbeat thing about Silverstone will be the smug Brits running around saying how their race is always a good one.

To the tyres. I really did think that after Vergne, the race would be called off. It must have been a close-run thing to do so by the Race Director. I guess what played here is that the tyres weren't actually detonating, but giving some warning, and essentially deflating quickly. That siad, there was real danger to carws following in almost very one of the circumstances. We will need to wait for the washup, but one struggles to see a future with Pirelli in it.

Some great drives though.

It is easy to overlook the Merc drivers as their cars appeared to have made some strides into tyre preservation (tyre wear, that is). Still, you would not have wanted to Rosberg in those last few laps. He drove a very sensible race, as he did in Monaco, and must be close to drive of the day. Clearly, Lewis was going to dominate the race had he not had a problem, but full marks to Nico.

As far as Red Bull are concerned, in my mind's eye is a vision of Vettel and Marko flicking the pages of the script back and forth trying to understand where the bit about Rosberg catching him, and the tranny dying in the arse were written. Mark's race was a corker after the crap start, and one can see that he had a great time.

Whither Ferrari? whither indeed. Up and down, and up and down. They were absolute rubbish in qually, and yet had flashes of awesome speed in the race. Can't work these guys out.

Toro Rosso seem to have found some speed of late, and it highlights how poor the pit lane tactics are. Either they start formulating strategies for keeping up, or continue with uneven results stemming from Force India 'fewer stops the better' rubbish. That car was mega in qualifying, and was carrying huge speed thorugh the corners. The race package was good as well, with Vergne bringing himself into contention before his tyre problem. The thing that really caught my eye was that Ricciardo was still racy in the last few laps compared to others with crap tyres. He was right up Sutil's bum at the finish, and was pulling away from Di Resta, and in fact probalby would have got Sutil, if he hadn't lost so much ground being passed by Alonso, Massa, and Hamilton. We look forward to a race where the two Toro rosso guys really go at it together on the same piece of track.

Lotus seemed to be neither one thing, nor the other in this race, and apart from Grosjean being in yet another collisison - yes, we know that this one was not a banzai, but the footage from the car behind suggests that he went left, as well as Webber going right - neither car showed any serious pace. Ricciardo easily had the legs of Grosjen, and Kimi would have been equally bounced if he had not made so many places at the start.

Force India are getting stronger all the time, and have excellent drivers, but I find their approach to race tactics to be made from the starting point of 'not losing too much'. Get aggressive guys, and you will pick up some podiums.

McLaren are sad.

Regardless of controversy, and the rest of it, I found this to be a very exciting race, and thoroughly enjoyed myself. I hope that Mark has a great finish to his last season, and that Red bull does not give his seat to Kimi.


  • Webber got his usual lethargic start and his inability to get the best out of the tyres has really summed up his year.

    It was a pretty good race due in part to the conditions and the F up caused by the FIA. Seriously, what a bunch of clowns.
    This notion of changing rules mid season is a joke, then watering it down, and then reversing it. Idiots!

    Clewlis! Home town decision.

    Alonso and the rest are just too far back. Championship is done and dusted. Why oh why Horner got on the blower to Mark.
    I'm sure Helmut must have got one of his minions to pass Horner a post-it-note.

    I thought M$ drove pretty well. I think he revelled in the conditions which masked some of the deficiencies of the Merc.

    Next race I expect situ normal with a Vettel victory.
  • re: the track.

    Its a shame they've lost Bridge corner but the new turn one (Abbey) is pretty epic. There is also some overtaking now at the end of the old National circuit straight and into Brooklands.
  • I just wish the safety car came in two laps earlier :)
    Top race though, and looking forward to Germany, especially after Marks "I'm not sure where the next race is" comment.

    Did you see Seb walk up to Horner after the failure - Friggin pathetic, hugs, secret whispered words - pass me the bucket! Puuuke!
  • Silverstone! What a track!

    Yes, if I was the chairman of Pirelli I would have had more than enough of F1 by now. This must be doing their brand image no good at all.
  • Yep, that'll do it
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