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Kimi More money!

Was that it, or was it a breakdown in negotiations over sponsor appearances?

So Kimi, we are going to do a role-play to see how you handle a typical Red bull function.


" "

Sorry, what was that?

" "

No, didn't catch that, I said are you ready to start?

" "


"Can I fuck off now?"


" I answer 3 questions, just like contract says, so now fuck off for drink"

But, but, but, we havn't started..................why is he pissing on the microphone?

.........and then they moved on to Supersmile.

Now if Webber was a good sport, he would change cars with Dan for the rest of the season. Big chance of that one hapenning.

With next year being a clean sheet for the designers, wouldn't it be funny to see the RB10 turn out to be a dog? Not from the point of view of JEV finishing in front of Dan, that would be cruel.

What I mean is seeing Vettel having to pit for a new nose after battling with Maldo-crasho for 14th spot, whilst his team-mate finishes 7th. That would be funny.

If it doesn't turn out to be a dog, then poor young Dan has the weight of the F1 world on his shoulders. A 5th title run-away for Vettel would be a PR disaster for Bernie, and only Ricciardo will be in any position to do anything about it. Too big of an ask at this stage.
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