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Am I the only one who noticed how empty the grandstands were? Shocking, really. And to think that amazing spectator venues like Imola got cancelled to make room for races in places where nobody cares.


  • Is it true? Have you actually watched a race this season RJ? ;-)

    The race was okay. Too bad what's-his-name won but at least there was Hulkenberg to cheer for.

    The constant "under investigation" messages sort of bothered me, especially when followed by "will be investigated after the race" message. Why can't they just make a decision?
  • The race is absolutely in the wrong place, though the track is not all that bad.

    Most people are just discounting Vettel now, and they have a point. It was a pretty exciting ding-dong behind him.

    Just love Clewlis. He is an absolute kid. I really hope he never gets kicked into the real world. I don't think he could take the shock. Daddy, my tyres are broken; I must have new ones!! Best ever was when he kept failing to pass the Hulk; anybody got any ideas?

    Excellent race from Hulkenberg, and a shame that he somehow doesn't fit into cars, when the car he is does appear to fit. Weird. Sauber have a knack of getting a pretty good car on the track, so maybe the answer is for Hulk to find them a super-sponsor and stick with them.

    Webber. I think that's about all you need to say, isn't it? He is really driving well at the moment, but you wouldn't know it if you just looked at results.

    Meanwhile his replacement seems to understand the sport very well. Now that he has the ride for next year, he realises that what he does from now to the end of the season is absolutely critical for the team to get behind him next year. Danny is getting faster and faster as time goes by, and we can only hope that he can take it to Finger Boy next year.

    Didn't get that bit about Rogro. I thought the team were actually trying to spur him on to pass Kimi, and he was saying he couldn't. According to the news, he was told not to. Don't get it.

    Here is the most important thing to come out of Korea, apart from as Stan says, those stupid 'investigate after the race' announcements; for consistency, I want to see the safety car penalised for entering the track dangerously. OK, so it was a fire truck, but Vettel thought it was the safety car, so that's all we need to know. The FIA will absolutely have to penalise itself for creating a dangerous situation, not unlike the reversing Marussia at the Nurburgring. Yes, must be three warnings now, so the FIA will have to miss the next race I'm afraid.

    How good were those fire marshals eh? Even after taking an age to get to the car, the guy starts spraying from the wrong side and up into the air. I had this mental picture of Neil from The Young Ones sitting behind the barrier smoking a joint, and then someone yelling fire!. Oh wow man, gotta do something, heavy man - Gets to the fire and starts spraying into the air - Oh guys, you've gotta see this, it's like wow, like a baby cloud being born.

    The very embarrassing thing about all that is that the Korean organisers actually import officials from the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) to help them organise the marshalling and race management. Oops.
  • Nice GP going on behind Seb.

    Q; what symbolises everything that's wrong with F1?
    A; the Korean GP.

    I enjoyed the impertinence of Johnny Herbert and Vettel waxing lyrical about Suzuka while still on the podium at Korea.
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