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Bernie paid bribes....what a surprise!!!!

Bernie admitted to a court in England (where he was being listened in a secondary case connected to the German trial on the way bernie took F1 organization away from a German company) that he paid in 1998 bribes to Walkinshaw, Jordan (!!) and Prost (!!!) for them to vote their agreement to the Concorde Pact. $10M into the personal accounts of the mentioned guys....money coming from his famous secret account said to have been used also when, in the early '80s, he became the boss. Now the question is: how much did he give to TOIT, Red Bull and mercedes on the occasion of the last renewal (for which the said top teams voted yes enthusiastically)?


  • I love how you didn't put the exclamation marks behind Walkinshaw's name ;).

    Bernie is the devil himself. That's the only explanation I can come up with. I have never seen any man well into his eighties who still travels all over the globe 40 times a year. Any mortal of that age would just die of exhaustion eventually.

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  • Don't forget Robert Mugabe......
  • Bernie resigned from FOM due to the German trial, he's risking a 10-year sentence.

    This time it's really the beginning of the end of his era!! :-)
  • Bernie closed everything by agreeing to pay a 100M$ fine.
    Now he's trial-free and hassle-free again, free to invent new ways to make us enjoy Formula 1. Apparently his last idea is a reintroduction of the fan Brabham used for one race in 1978.
  • I find it hard to believe that you can settle a bribery charge like that but apparently that's how things work.

    The world's such a funny place...
  • "Would you accept £70 million to settle my bribery charge?"
  • It is absolutely fascinating. Maybe it is to do with German Law. Give me the Silver Thread any day.

    If the charge is a civil one, then i suppose it makes sense. Rather than go to trial where the only outcome is a fine, then pay the fine, avoid the trial.

    If on the the other hand it is a criminal matter (and someone above noted a max 10 year sentence, so I suppose that indicates it is), then it is nothing less than astounding. Imagine being able to pay your way out of a criminal charge????

    So do we now amend the German democratic structure to:


    ....and Financially Elitive
  • We are all equal. But some are more equal than others.
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