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Get well Schumi

I brushed off the reports yesterday but hearing today that he was in critical condition made me worry. Pull through, Schumi, this is way too early!


  • Still critical after all these days doesn't look so good.

    Very much hoping that he will pull through without lasting damage.
  • No more news in the last week or so, on request by the family.
    Means he will survive.
    Now we have to see how.
    Still in pharmacologycal coma, clearly, which I don't know if is good or bad.

    Keep up Michael, you're an asshole and I never liked you, but this goes far beyond that!! If there is one in the world who can make it, it's just a top sportsman like you!
  • News from today, conditions critical but stable. Family fully trusting the doctors'activity.
    Fingers crossed.
  • 'Stable' seems good but can have euphemistic connotations. We are all Schumi fans right now and hope he pulls this one off.
  • Here, Here Simon
  • The web keeps diffusing news about the higher and higher possibility every day that passes him to remain in a permanent vegetative state. Nothing on this on the official channels, but I'm afraid the situation is really turning to the negative.
  • Now apparently, according to Bild, he, during the long awakening phase, got a lung infection, docs are giving him strong antibiotics and this may slow down the awakening process. C'm on M$, be back, this joke has lasted long enough!
  • Still no news... this has gone on for too long
  • And in the absence of news, some are starting to make their own up.

    Hoping for a full recovery seems to be a forlorn one, I'm afraid.

    The vehemence with which some journalists are objecting to the family refusing to provide updates is raising a truly interesting point though. If you live your life and earn your income through public notoriety and adoration, are you entitled to privacy even at the most intimate and frail point in your life? And if the answer to that is no; what about your family? As willing beneficiaries, are they entitled to privacy?. If not, how far does that extend? Spouse & children? parents? siblings?

    If the public owns the celebrity, do they own them full time?

    Personally, I don't have a view. I am a voyeur of performance and ability in any public field, but I am not personally engaged. As far as I'm concerned when what interests me stops, so does my interest. If Justin Bieber has a wank in his jail cell, I think no more of it than any prisoner being caught in the act. I guess the fact is that as an egotist, I'm much more interested in my own life than anyone else's

    This is not true for the greater part of humanity however, and it is no revelation that millions get a vicarious thrill from the professional and personal exploits of their idols.

    So the question I think is valid; Is the public entitled to know everything about Michael Schumaker through this ordeal? Should a family that waits through the agony of uncertainty share every concern with an entire world because they themselves have lived every minute of their lives cultivating and benefitting from then world's interest in them?
  • The answer to that is 'no', Lease. Life is life and death is death, two totally different things. No obligation to share and no right to know.
  • A note bu Sabine Kehm today confirmed situation is unchanged, still under awakening.
    The longer time elapses, the more difficult it becomes him to wake up and him to wake up in decent conditions, I'm afraid.....
  • Sabine Kehm said yesterday that there are 'encouraging signals' and today that there are 'signals of awakening'.

    Fingers crossed.
  • No news bad news, by now, I'm afraid.......
  • I agree, that has gone very quiet, hasn't it?
  • Breaking: Michael Schumacher has left hospital and is no longer in a coma, his spokeswoman said. No details yet on how well he's doing, long-term injuries
  • Hopefully a little good news for now but we'll have to wait and see and I suspect it will be a while before we hear anything further.
  • I sometimes read the blog of former F1 doctor Gary Hartstein. He doesn't seem to have high hopes.

    For those interested: http://formerf1doc.wordpress.com

    [Edited on 18-6-14 by Stan]
  • Yes good news, wish we had a little more though. I've seen Hartstein's writings and see it as speculation, more informed than others writings on Schumi, but still speculation. In whatever shape he is in right now I am sure it will be quite a while of rehab.
  • His clinical files have been stolen from Grenoble hospital, and allegedly are being offered to English, German and French tabloids for publication.Let's hope good taste and human comprehension to win in this sordid story.
  • He can communicate with his wife and kids by moving his eyes, and apparently he will by the end of August go back home for private care and be able to sti on an electric wheelchair he can activate with his mouth.

    Don't really know if this is good or bad news. We can only wait and see.
  • He's back home. Let's see if and when there will be news about his conditions....last news are still that he could just communicate moving his eyes, but no words and no movements.....
  • Bullshit going on on his health condition. According to Bunte he can walk some steps, but Sabine Kehm has immediately denied. Hard to see any possibility of seeing him out of that house again, I think.
  • terrible lack of ethics to report something like that just to get a denial out of the spokeswoman
  • Now apparently his general clinical conditions getting deteriorated. I'd like to be wrong, but am afraid we're heading to the worse...........
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