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Last night at the pub...

... they showed a classic race from Spa in 2000 (can you believe that's a classic now, neither can I) on the screens last night. It was quite impressive to see how competitive Gene's car was. He managed to keep up with Hakkinen, who admittedly had lapped him, for quite a few laps. Came in 14th ahead of Mazzacane and both Arrows. Those were the days...


  • And I guess you waited at the bar till the lap of the famous surpass by Mika over M$ with Zonta in the middle....

    A few days ago I saw again Monza 1989 on ClassicF1, saw again Senna, Prost, Mansell, Berger, Warwick, Alboreto, Patrese, Boutsen, Piquet, Cheever, Nannini, Johansson, Arnoux, Alesi at the peak of their youth and couldn't really believe a quarter of a century has gone by!!!!
  • Wow that just doesn't seem right that Spa 2000 is considered classic yet. I prefer considering 25+ years old as classic just as with classic cars. That would put 1989 and earlier as classic grand prix.
  • Even more worrying is that 1989 was my first full season of F1, cheering fot Sandro in his Benetton, so that must mean that I'm becoming "classic" as well!
  • Classic? Veteran? Vintage? What's in a name?

    According to various dictionary resources:

    Veteran - Prior to 1919
    Vintage - 1919 - 1930
    Classic - More than 25 years

    So classic spans a period of 59 years, but sadly the 2000 Formula One Grand Prix is not one.

    But to add to the great moments (and not forgetting all that went before) what about Webber all over the back of Raikonnen in the Sauber in Spain (I think)in 2001 or 2002? Raikonnen was coming up with all sorts of excuses. That was the year that Webber finished 11th a number times.
  • that depends entirely on the when the dictionary was written :P
  • Do I detect some journalism tricks of the trade here RJ?
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