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20 years from THE day

Always missing you, Ayrton, who knows how you would be today at 54.

And always missing the duels with M$ you would have given us in 1994-98

Say hi to Gilles and the others wherever you are, and, if you can, help to give us back M$ in the best possible conditions!!

Muitas saudades, campeão!!!!


  • well said, manlio!
    Ciao Ayrton

    and by the way, hi guys, how you doing?

  • Maximum attack. Obrigado Ayrton.

    PS Ciao Salvo! We are all well although rather depleted. Don't be a stranger ...
  • It's 20 years? Jeebers!

    Well remembered and will not be forgotten. Great driver.

    That clip just pisses me off though. Top driver working the gears and popping the clutch whilst constantly making wheel corrections for the power changes; that was proper driving.

  • My thoughts also go to another great, Henri Toivonen, dead together with his Italian-American co-pilot Sergio Cresto exactly 28 years ago, May 2 1986, during the Tour de Corse.
    His death was like Gilles's and Ayrton's deaths in Formula 1, the trigger for a total change of route in terms of safety.
    And he also would have dominated the sport for 7 or 8 years, without that hazy Corsican tragedy.
  • and, of course, RIP Roland Ratzenberger.
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