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Would call this one a 'Commentator's' Race.

When you strip away the breathless hypothesising of what 'might' happen towards the end, there wasn't much there.

Good drive from Vettel, and his passes at turn 10 were a revelation. Really used the downforce through turn 9 to overcome the flat out speed of the better engined cars. Like that. His qualifying effort was not so good. Dan had him pegged by nearly half a second in Q2, and I don't reckon he would have made it up if he had a go in Q3.

Danny boy drove a balanced race to get the result that they wanted, but otherwise not much in it.

Bottas making Massa look fairly ordinary over the weekend.

Kimi comes to life at last, though got screwed on the pit calls. Welcome to Ferrari.

The Merc boys going at it was kind of interesting, but they are both a bit hard to take as soon as they open their mouths. I reckon that Mark was right in his radio call at Indy: "Britney's in the wall". It's very had to like either Rosberg or Hamilton with the way they carry on. They've got the best car there is today, and they still whinge non stop.

Marussia sneaking up slowly on an expiring Sauber. No vote of confidence for Monisha either, with the old man stoppiong in to see how things were going.

Cracks appearing at Macca, and Jenson seems none too pleased at all. The car is even shite down the straights.

Anyway, pretty boring race for the most part.


  • I'm still a bit puzzled why Mercedes didn't change Rosberg back to the options a few laps earlier. During his first stint he clearly mentioned on the radio that he was very pleased with them. It could have given him the extra laps he needed.

    Not really sure if you are right about Marussia sneaking up on Sauber. In every session there was over a gap of over a second (except for the first one, but Van der Garde was driving and he's hardly had any track time). Maybe a second is a good improvement on where they were the last couple of years, but it's still quite a gap.

    Good race though. I was right on the edge of my seat the last couple of laps. Sadly for my challenge predictions Rosberg didn't deliver :(.

    [Edited on 14-5-14 by Stan]
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