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Marussia are the new Minardi! So pleased for them.

Lewis -v- Nico is very tasty now. My money is on Lewis because he is the street-fighter, albeit with a persecution complex. However, some of it is justified. Can you imagine the uproar if roles had been reversed at the end of quali? I guarantee Lewis would have been besieged with loaded questions.

TOIT: good team ... when not run by Italians!

D Ricciardo is doing so well at RBR. Seb has been unlucky but, still, the champ is 'under the pump' as they say in the Ricciardo family.


  • Ahh, off colour remarks about Princess Grace. What was that one that was going around at the time?

    Q: Whats the most popular song in Monaco?

    A: She'll be commin round the mountain when she comes

    Very unsatisfying race. Webber may have enjoyed it, but I'm sure no-one else did. Not his fault, but when the race is all about using the qually position and the track to go slow to save tyres and win, then formula one has problems.

    I also think that the teams got so focussed on the one-stop strategy, that no-one considered a race winning strategy. Webber had a fresh set of super softs up his sleeve, and I think that Rosberg did as well. Rosberg could have put another set of these on to undercut Webber and then build a gap to make a two-stop work.

    Instead, everyone seemed to accept their role from the start and just let it all play out. The only one who tried to do something different was Vettel.

    Toro Rosso looked a bit stupid I must say. At one stage Ricciardo was right up the clacker of the front-runners, but then ran way too long on his first stint and came out 15th after his stop. Then Vergne gets into a good place with a two-stopper, and changes to inters in order to go backwards. Joke Joyce.

    Poor old Jenson seems to really need a car operating in a very narrow window. when he has it, he is blindingly fast, but when he doesn't, he looks very ordinary. His body language walking back to the pits said it all.

    Excelllent work from Catterham to have a pretty pacy car, with Kovaleinan showing his class above Petrov.

    Kobayashi still a joke and Maldonado nothing but a spoiled rich kid.

    Perez working very hard to avoid the spare seat at TOIT.

    Lotus clearly not set up well for that track.

    Kudos to Lewis for managing to complain his way right through the race whilst basically staying with the leading pack.

    The one thing that really bothers me is that Schumacher, Senna, and Hakkinen would have monstered Webber into making a mistake with that stupid go-slow go-fast type of race and we would have seen desperate lunges into the chicane by the dozen if they were still around.

  • I thought the best outcome for Webber was to get to the first corner first and have Nico behind him. Then Nico will burn his rubber and hold up everyone else and Mark would cruise to victory. I didn't think it would be Mark leading and holding everyone else.

    Seems like the drivers are walking on egg shells. Happy just to hold position and accumulate points. Boring and processional.

    Lets hope the wall of champions bites and we see some action next race.

  • I think mark 'had to' use that strategy to win. But wasn't sure why they bought him in so early as there was no chance of him being overtaken, no slow traffic holding him up, so the longer he kept it going (like Seb) the shorter his last set of tyres needed to last. Well done to Heiki :)
  • With the abrasive surface at Montreal, I wonder if it will be a 3 stopper, and most sitting out last qualy to save tyres?
  • Whinging Aussies, anyone?
  • Speaking of the Olympics.....
  • Ha! Saw a 2 page spread in the "How to Spend it" section of the FT on Marussia, or was it the WSJ equivalent? In any case not something Minardi would have done
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