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Liked that one.

Lots of drama, and some great racing.

Clewlis lived up to his nickname in that qually shunt. "I was all like, no brakes man. Like the car didn't like stop; and like, I had this crash man." OK, that was paraphrasing, but he reminds me of Cole Trickle in Days of Thunder; "I don't know how it works, I just get in and drive." Surely the best though was:
Engineer: OK Lewis Menu Magic Position 1
Lewis: I've never heard of that button man
Engineer: Never mind, just come in

Don't you just want to be there when they give Lewis his briefings? You could almost see the Homer Simpson dream bubble with the symbol clapping monkey.

The fact is that Hamilton & Ricciardo had to pass the same people all day (except for Vettel). Hamilton, with a superior package managed to bump into half of them, and Ricciardo didn't touch any of them. It says quite a lot.

Going to lead off with Ricciardo. Damn that was impressive! Actually looked to me like he took the wrong option in avoiding the first corner thing, and could have stayed in tight to avoid it, but not much reaction time there. After that he was just wonderfully entertaining. He passed Raikonnen like a backmarker and did a number of pretty impressive passes before that wonderful stoush with Alonso. Those are the things that will play on driver's minds when they come up to him, or he comes up to them in a race. He earned a ton of respect there, and still hasn't managed a stupid rookie mistake in some very tight situations. Dan the man appears to be the real deal.

All of the front runners had good races today. Bottas showed a very cool head in the closing laps and didn't let the situation get to him. Good exits and stay out of the mirrors, which is exactly what is needed. Alonso & Vettel drove very well, and Hulkenberg again showed his class. Button was pretty good, though rolling the 2-stop dice was not inspired from Maclaren. Once those super-softs showed that they were 10-lap tyres, they all should have got the hint.

Lots of other stuff going on, but all up, a pretty entertaining two hours.


  • I do love this place. It's the only website I can find where there are absolutely no Hamilton fan boys. He did reasonably well, the fan boys say he raced the race of his life but I would have been disappointed if he hadn't reached the top 4 with that car.

    Ricciardo did a sound job. Haven't seen Vettel do anywhere as much overtaking in an entire season. I'm starting to cheer for him and Red Bull as underdogs. Who'd have thought that?
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