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Max Verstappen in Toro Rosso at 17

Marko contracted Max Verstappen (Jos's son) to race alongside Kvyat in Toro Rosso in 2015.
The kid reced in karts till 2013, this year has won 8 out of 24 races in F3, and now the jump to the pinnacle of the sport.

At 17.

Are we not pushing thing a bit too far?


  • you beat me to it! quite sensational news. Marko is all praise about him. I guess we'll see soon whether he's an Alonso (who goes far) or a Tuero (who's so disillusioned by it all that he quits after a year).

    I'm sure the fans are already turning out in droves ;-)
  • He won 9 races so far actually, and probably would have won 11 if the engine in his car wouldn't have failed on him this weekend. In a team that is clearly midfield (look at his team mates). He seems to be the real deal.

    If I still were the type to support a certain driver obsessively... Those days are behind me I'm afraid. But as a Dutchman I can't really refrain from being excited :).

    I was really hoping they'd announce he would do a season in Formula Renault 3.5. I'm afraid this is just too early and can only go very wrong. I really wonder if he has the racecraft and physical ability to be able to match Kvyat.

    I am really curious about what is going to happen after his first minor/major crash. I expect other drivers and journalists to be relentless.
  • It is the logical progression of Jenson, Kimi, Alonso, Seb, Algersuari, etc., Good luck to Max.

    But just because a 17yo can drive a modern F1 car doesn't mean they should ...

    Stan is spot on about the first crash.
  • There you go. If the press do this with such a minor incident. Just wait what they'll do after the first racing incident.

    Without clicking the link I knew what it was about ;). I've seen the video footage. Much ado about nothing if you ask me. He broke the front wing while attempting to turn the car 180 degrees, he misjudged the turning circle and ran the front wing into the barrier at a very low speed. He was able to continue his run and even did another run later during the day with a new front wing.


    I've seen Buemi and Heidfeld make worse mistakes. Where one of those wrote off a car's entire rear suspension.
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