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Question for our Ozzies

I just wondered, is there any sense that Ricciardo is more or less popular down under than Webbo? He's doing impressively well this year and I wondered how that reflected on his popularity in his home country.


  • I for one, followed Mark since his junior days. What endeared Mark to most Aussies was his fight and determination to keep moving up and get sponsorship. If not for Stoddy, probably never would have got to F1, as F1 was not popular corporate Australia. Ricciardo? He's starting to rub off on me. He is so much better that I ever gave him credit for. And will be more popular I think with non Aussies. I think his big grin helps.

    Having Helmut in your corner doesn't help with me...

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  • I reckon you're bang on Roo. Mark gained a lot of publicity early on because of his fight to get to F1 over a longer sustained period. I think with Daniel, a lot of Aussies see that he seems to have come from nowhere and into the limelight pretty quickly. I suspect that he will get to the same levels as Mark eventually. Especially if he keeps winning races and eventually Championships.
  • According to the Melbourne sports minister, Webber's departure is why the event lost money (this time). Don't think anyone told him about Ricciardo.

    Give it time. This boy is going to be very big, and it will be a case of 'build it, and they will come'.

    Give the RB marketing collossus enough time and there will be hordes of Australians leaping onto the Ric train.
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