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Now, now, Max

That was quite a performance to come in 6th in his second GP. Obviously the rain helped to even out the grid but for a 17-year-old that was an amazing performance.


  • Agreed, he's done very well. F1 has changed forever and is now simply an extension of computer games. Feeling old ...
  • Kimi in Bahrein showed that with right car and motivation he can still be a problem for everyone. No more a world champion, maybe (specially with THIS Clewlis) but still able to show fantastic performance. He may be a contender for the win in other races, you'll see!
  • What did you guys make of the incident at Monaco? Was I the only one who thought that Grosjean made a weird move before that turn?
  • Grosjean at fault for me. The boy raced well, though he does show tendencies of all the young ones to have little patience and even less thought when it comes to passing someone who is slower.
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    I think Grosjean was just trying to slow down Max as much as he could in the slower bits of the circuit. That way he could use his Mercedes engine to his advantage where acceleration is a factor.

    Which he was entitled to do of course because he was running in front. So I'm going to say Max at fault.
  • Close call, but Max. Good on him for having a go, though. We want overtaking, right?... (ie proper overtaking and not flappy-wing b*ll+cks.
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