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Hungarian GP

Gosh, looked like I missed out on quite a race there. Ferrari on top, Toro Rosso in 4th, Mercedes nowhere. What happened there ;-)


  • Wish I knew. Thanks Bernie...
  • We're not much of an F1 forum if nobody's seen the race, ey? ;-) Viges, help us out here
  • I did. I was so looking forward to using the Hungaboring pun, but it actually was worth watching for a change. Bottas was very unlucky, and Rosberg... *shakes his head*. This was his chance. Another title for Hamilton this year.
  • WOW What a race. Who says F1 is boring, more of thanks. Riccardio may well have won that if he'd missed Rosberg, Rosberg may have won it if he'd gone onto softs for the last stint but, wanted to shadow Hamilton's strategy. Bad work Nico, shadowing Hamilton means losing the WDC. Early in the race, Kyvat reported his car as "completely undrivable", Somebody did something good in the pitstop then, because it certainly came good.
  • I heard there was a race.
  • Nico is just a loser. Apart from extraordinary events like Monaco, he never takes advantage of the occasions that come to make more points than Lewis. And Kimi is not looked at by good luck at the moment. In the right situations, it is always his car, and never Seb's to have problems.......
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