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Oddly A Bit Excited

Somehow, I'm more interested in this season. More interested than the lat few, that's for certain. Maybe I'm taken in by the hype around the new rules; who knows.

The thing is that tomorrow afternoon, I will have my computer tuned in to practice to see what is going on, and that hasn't happened for a while. When Daniel Ricciardo says that they are going 40kph faster through the turns, of course I think about Eau Rouge, and Monaco, and Soichi and such. What happens when the young simulator drivers run out of talent , one wonders?

It still seems fairly clear that there won't be a true competition at the front. I expect that some tracks will favour some cars, but overall, Mercedes still looks to have the thing sorted. But into that mix may come the wildcards of Max and the other young ones and their crash or crash through driving style. Also, another engine change provides the option of greater failure rates of engines, and other unknowns.

A case of hope over experience? Let's see.


  • Bottas half a second behind Hamilton. Half a second? Red Bull a second off pace. Wrap up the season already, I say. The cars seem to be a lot faster than last year. 1:23 already in practice, they barely scraped that in Q3 last year.
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