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How can Honda get it so right.....

In the Indycar series, yet get it so wrong in F1??? I know we're talking differing requirements, but surely the basics are pretty similar. A 1.6 Lt turbo, vs a 2.2 Lt twin turbo, something must be similar somewhere. Am happy for the propeller heads to tell me different. It just surprises me that they haven't even thought to grab somebody from the U.S engine dept and dragged them over to Japan.


  • Maybe it's the whole Hybrid requirement? Or do they have that in Indy too?
  • Seems like they read this Forum (and your post, oznomad)
  • SHIT!!!!! Maybe they read the Forza page!! No Hybrid in Indycar, and some of the problem at least seems to be connected to the inability to fully deploy the battery power, but I thought a large chunk of the drama has been connected to the ICE. Fair chance I'm wrong, and am happy to be corrected if I am. But you would think that somebody from the Indycar program would've been bought in from the get go.
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