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Hey RJ, our man on the spot. Where is your Spa update? I didn't watch it of course, but read all the stuff this morning. Sounds like it was an interesting race. Did your birth countrymen file out after Max's retirement or did they stay?

Information, we need information!!!


  • I left the track at 7 pm and the motorway was still chock-o-block. Managed to make progress by leaving the motorway and choosing one of those winding roads through the Ardennes. Increased the risk of deer strike but at least there was no traffic. Bumped into Stoddy, he says hi ;) It is amazing how the old F1x2 still makes that retro noise. Otherwise you wouldn't know there is a race going on when you're sitting in the press centre.

    Didn't see much on track action as I was actually there to do some work, but had a jolly good lunch.

    Output this weekend:







  • A rocking read. Winding roads through the Ardennes are fun. For Australians the biggest problem is having an accident from the driver swivelling his head in response to the many 'oh look, there's a castle behind those trees' calls from passengers.

    Salami in Dinant, Crayfish in Durbuy, and waffles in Malmedy. Nothing to dislike about the Ardennes!
  • "Work", yesss ...

    Good race: implosion at Force India and the boss saying its going to be team orders all the way now.

    re: Stoddie. Good to see him back in the paddock with a proper, meaningful role. The F1 experience is a nice touch from the new regime.

    Also lovely to see Mick Schumacher drive his dad's old car. As Damon said "Last time I saw that was in Adelaide. I was underneath it." Is Mick doing well in F3? Is F1 inevitable?...

    PS Go Lewis ...
  • Mick's F3 record is less than impressive so far, ranked 11th currently. He was runner up in two F4 championships last year
  • Fantastic strategy by Lewis who, after the re-start, pushed only 90% till Radillon to let vettel go side-by-side instead of taking slipstream, and then he went 100% and stayed ahead using Merc engine.
    Now three tracks favourable to lewis 9Monza, Suzuka and Austin), three for Seb (Singapore, mexico City and Abu Dhabi) and two uncertain (Sepang and Interlagos).
    Will be a tight end. lewis has a slightly better package (basically the 2secs he had for all the race in Spa) but any mistake by him or the team will be paid dearly. And in this respect the 3 points given away to Bottas in Budapest are shocking. Will be important Valtteri to receive team orders to be second fiddle from now on, if they want to avoid finding themselves in a very difficult situation in Abu Dhabi.

    Force India guys were doomed to have a crash at some point, and finally it happened.
  • He did not mistake in Monza. Now let's see if Ferrari will come back in Singapore......
  • Well, we would like to hope that thee will be 6 of them trying to get to the front in Singapore. Let us see.
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