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Red Bull line up

Red Bull completed their test with Klien and Liuzzi.
They said they are going to confirn Klien, as he deserves a second chance in F1 after apprenticeship, but they are not sure about Liuzzi, as they say it would be no good for the car development to have two unexperienced drivers.

They are probably right, still I seriously hope to see an Italian guy having a good chance.

Especially if the alternative is David Coulthard!


  • I'd like to see a hot chick get the drive.
    Face it, anyone they hire is gonna suck, so they may as well be pretty :P
  • DC just doesn't fit into the 'Red Bull' image.
    I'd be genuinely surprised if he gets the seat.

    Bernoldi used to have Red Bull backing... but is hopeless when it comes to getting feedback from the car.

    but Heidfeld would be perfect for the role.
  • They should take an American. That could mean an enormous support from the states.
  • Wirdheim quits due to Red Bull’s tactics!

    Bjorn Wirdheim has cancelled his scheduled testing session with the Red Bull Racing outfit, scheduled to take place tomorrow, because it was made clear to him that they wanted a Red Bull sponsored driver to race alongside Christian Klien in the 20905 season.

    It appears as if Red Bull are not as interested in putting the best man in the seat, rather the man with their brand on their helmets as Bjorn was to be given inferior equipment so that F3000 champion Vitantonio Liuzzi would really shine in comparison and his own talents would be tarnished as a result.

    When Bjorn, who outperformed Christian Klien more often than not in the 2004 season, even putting in lap times better than those of Mark Webber at times, discovered that his job this week was simply to make Liuzzi look good, the Swede asked to be let out of his responsibilities.

    It seems as if Red Bull have already chosen their 2005 driver line-up, now all we need is official confirmation….
    I've talked to Björn Wirdheims father (Örnulf Wirdheim) and he confirmed this. He also said that Purnell followed Björn to the airport (not sure if Purnell also left Spain together with Björn Wirdheim).
  • Purnell comes across as a genuine guy and a real racer. I dont think this would come across well at all with him.

    Pretty stupid on Red Bull's part. Purnell is one of the key people that turned Jaguar around, and I can forsee him doing big things with that team. Red Bull should simply pump in the money, reap the benifits of advertising and leave running the team and making decisions to the people who know what they're doing!
  • for italian press liuzzi's out and it will be klien/heidfeld.
  • Red Bull director announced that Coulthard is going to test with them at jerez next week.

    Shit, we haven't got rid of this idiot yet!
  • yes, Coulthard says he's very happy to be back.
  • dc to red bull, liuzzi to minardi?

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  • I could handle that. Luzzi would do well in our car. DC looks a cert in the red bull.
  • DC looks a cert in the red bull.
    Well they won't be around long then...........

    What are they thinking?:spank:
  • [quote]DC looks a cert in the red bull.
    Well they won't be around long then...........

    What are they thinking?:spank: [/quote]

    They're thinking that they'll be WorldChampion and that 2005 will be THEIR year !!!!!:P
  • LOL minardus:D
  • ......hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, starting to smell a bit like the apalling Mr. Peridontal down Jaguar's way.

    Looks very much like Mr. Fizzydrink applies his personality directly to the way this team will run.

    Maybe '05 will see us in P17/18 after all. Bravo disunity!

    BTW - DC smacked Klein and Luizzi at Jerez.
  • Red bull boss Dietrich Mateschitz confirmed to austrian daily 'Kronenzeitung' that coulthard is going to be one of the 2 drivers
  • Then it's for sure gonna be Coulthard-Klien. Good luck to them!
  • the article mentioned by salvo also says that mateschitz would like to see klien and liuzzi rotate for the second seat
  • Ay, but Liuzzi isn't really happy with that idea. he prefers to go to Jordan or Williams (Williams? I don't care what he's comsuming, but I want to have that stuff,too!)
  • DC/Liuzzi sounds good to me. Most of you rabble dislike him but DC is a good bloke who will help RBR AND Liuzzi hugely.
  • i mean fair enough, if he were to knock on Minardi's door we wouldn't mind
  • It's unlikely.
  • i mean fair enough, if he were to knock on Minardi's door we wouldn't mind
    As long as he brings massive funding and takes a vow of silence.
  • if he were to knock on Minardi's door we wouldn't mind
  • It's official, Coulthard signed today a one-year del with RedBull for 2005.

    So, Liuzzi is free for Minardi.
  • Or to test with RBR or TOIT - remember, Todt has an option for years to come. I feel it's unlikely Liuzzi is coming our way.
  • Today Christian Klien confirmed he's been offered by Red Bull a contract, even though this contract does not contain a minimum number of races.
    Now he's gonna evaluate it with his father (who is also his manager).
    It would be good for Liuzzi anyway if this means that they are going to alternate in the Red Bull second car (like 10 races klien and 9 races Liuzzi).
  • Worst of all worlds for the young 'uns. They need a good run and they need certainty (ie the reverse of what Jag gave Pizza and Justinho).

    My preference is Toni but Klein didn't do badly; Webbo is simply very good.
  • 2ND seat doesnt matter in my short-sighted opinion. alternating drivers is a sure way to insure futility! we arent talking Senna and Prost here, its Friggin Christian Klien and what-ever flavor of the week has the biggest wallet.

    The will funnel their success through DC as they should. Klien, Luizzi, Kermit the Frog wont match the Square Jawed Monter!

  • Hey Scuderia Mark:
    IMHO your TDW forums suck, but albeit RJ can erase them you can act like a child and keep opening them over and over. As you wish.
    What I don't like is your posting in dutch. If you want to gather lots of Jos fans (the only reason why I think you write in dutch) then don't use this site as a tool. I can write in spanish and even insult you cause there's another guy here who speaks it and you probably don' tunderstand it, but that's not my style. At least you can show some respect for the 90% of us here who don't speak dutch and make an effort and write in english, whatever the contents.
    Then you complain about why we don't like verstappen fans, I gave you here many reasons respectfully.
    To all the others, my life is a bit troublesome lately, then I can't write but read you as much as I can, greetings to all the poms, aussies, yanks and the rest. Forza!
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