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Williams on the Harbour Bridge

Not too sure if any one has heard any news on this but it'll be good to see Mark screaming around my town.

Does anyone have confirmation of this???



  • All I know is that it is an idea floated by BMW Australia. They want it to happen on the Wednesday on the week before the GP.

    But I dont know if it has been confirmed.
  • It's supposed to happen on Sunday the 27th of this month very early in the morning. I'll be going (if it's on) but BMW Australia told me that they had "nothing to do with it" and to contact the AGP corporation...bullshit artists I say.
  • 8am Sunday 27th. Telecast live on Ch10. If I get pics, I post them for us all.
  • very early in the morning
    Everyone in a 5 km radius = wake the fuck up :D
  • That'll be me, so might as well get my ass down there.
  • I'd consider going down, but would like a few details on where we are going to be able to spectate.
  • Forza Minardi Sydney gathering? :D
  • I can do that!
  • awesome, we'll have to sort something out.
  • I am trying to get accreditation to get on the bridge. I'll let you know how it goes.
  • I thought spectators were going to be allowed on the bridge? Kind of defeats the purpose dont you think?

    If you need a camera man, give us a yell! :D:P
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