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Cosworth engine

On the Atlas website there is something about Red Bull and Cosworth: http://www.atlasf1.com/grapevine/report.php/id/1355/.html
But because I don't have an Atlas account I searched the Cosworth website for some usefull information:
The 2004 FIA Formula One Technical Regulations presented a significant challenge to all engine manufacturers. Historically fresh engines have been installed for race day. In 2004 this was changed to mandate that a driver must utilise the same engine throughout the race weekend. The challenge was therefore to extend maximum race engine life from approximately 300km to 700km, whilst also continuing to improve engine performance without compromising reliability.

For 2005 the requirements are even more demanding in that the same engine must be utilised for two consecutive race weekends. Maximum race engine life is therefore again extended to approximately 1300km.

The Cosworth Formula One engine for the start of 2005 is the TJ2005 Series 10. This is a development of the TJ2004 Series 8 as used by Jaguar Racing Ltd & Jordan Grand Prix at the end of 2004.

The specification & detail design of critical components been reviewed against the 2005 requirements & changes have been made which give the most significant benefits to engine performance & reliability. The result is a Melbourne 2005 engine that revs higher (+300RPM), makes more power (+25BHP) & runs reliably for twice as long when compared to Melbourne 2004.

The TJ2005 Series 10 engine will race for the first time in the Red Bull Racing RB1 at Melbourne GP & also in the new Minardi PS05 from San Marino GP onwards. This will deliver a peak power improvement of 100BHP & double the engine life over the CK2004 (or CR-3L) engine currently utilised in the existing Minardi PS-04B chassis.

At Indianapolis GP it is planned that Red Bull Racing will enjoy a further significant performance step with the introduction of the TJ2005 Series 12. This engine is currently under development & will deliversignificantly more power & revs over Series 10. It will be exclusive to Red Bull Racing & a development version (Series 11) with a gain of 30BHP & a maximum engine speed of 19000RPM has already been successfully track tested by the team.

In addition work is well underway on a new V8 engine to comply with the 2006 FIA Formula One Technical Regulations. The fact that these new regulations are much more restrictive & certain engine dimensions are constrained has a significant impact on the focus of the engine design work. By nature, this offers both an opportunity & a challenge. Various types of development engines are already running on the dyno & results so far have been very encouraging.

TJ2005 Series 10 Specification

Configuration: V10
Vee angle: 90
Number of valves: 40
Capacity: 2998cc
Maximum engine speed: 18,300rpm
Construction: Aluminium cylinder block and heads, cast in Cosworth’s own foundry. Aluminium alloy pistons, steel crankshaft
Engine Electronics: Pi/Cosworth
Spark Plugs: Champion
Weight: 94kg including ballast

Length: 589mm
Width: 538mm
Height: 454mm
100 BHP more is okay to start with.:D Say about 900-920 BHP? But what I don't like is that a second update is exclusive for Red Bull.

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