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Pommie take on Aussie weather

From itvf1.com:


The Australian Grand Prix on Sunday is set to be a dry race according to the forecasts.

The advanced prediction is promising sun for the entire weekend, which means that we have a great chance to see how the new tyre regulations will work.

The 2005 rules state the drivers must use the same tyres throughout the race, unless they are damaged or the driver picks up a puncture.

But this rule only applies to a dry race.

Temperatures are expected to peak at 20°C on Sunday, with Saturday's weather similar for the first qualifying session.

The hottest day of the grand prix weekend is expected to be on Friday with a high of 24°C.


Wow, what a scorcher! A whole 24 degrees? Remind me to beg forgiveness from the sun god! :hehe: :hehe: ;)


  • :hehe::hehe:
  • Pit lane in the Netherlands....... We've got half a meter of snow now!!

  • 50 here and pissing down rain.
  • Yeah but it's 5.45am there. :hehe:

    We have similar climates. That's about what it would be at the comparable time of year (and time of day) here too.

    It's 12.45am here and about 66 outside.
  • Grey and cold is what you need. That's the stuff to cheer you up.

  • We got 10 CM of snow yesterday, and will go down to -16°C tonite!
  • Latest forecast is rain on Saturday actually.

    Weather in this stupid city is stupid.

    37 Degrees on Tuesday and 20 degrees today.

    Craphole, dump, rubbish tip....................
  • Stop beating yourself behind the bush Lease, or however the saying goes.

    That's the beauty of Melbourne weather, unpredicatable.
  • Lord, he's not cottaging again, is he?
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