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Red Bull Relents!!

Red Bull is allowing us to race!!!! :):)

( as long as we dont take the points if it affects RBR!!):(


  • so what will happen if Minardi finish 7th and RBR finish 8th? Do they get 2 points and we get 1?
  • Source?
  • Radio 5 live
  • Ok, thanks!
    Now let's hope it's true!
  • I posted a story on another thread. Didn't see this. Planet f1 has the story.
  • Paul Stoddart and Horner met at an engagement in Melbourne and the Minardi bossed agreed that if Minardi finished in the top eight and ahead of Red Bull in the race then they would give up their points and position.
    That's what I call a gentlemens-agreement!
  • What is the point of racing if you agree before hand to pull over for the other guy? Defeats the object of entering somewhat...What a farce, and self inflicted.

    It started off with no merchandising, now we've got no sponsors, no team branding, no diffusers, no designers and no credibility. This team really needs 2 or 3 good operational managers. The crew that Stoddart has brought in have spent 4 years consistently failing to do the basics. Now the team's a laughing stock, and nothing pisses me off more than laughter.
  • No one said anything about pulling over, just giving up the points. And considering that we are probably not going to get any points that's a good outcome. I just want to see us in the race. We all do.
  • The only chance of us getting points anyway is if everyone retires in front of us. Which although likely due to the new regs, there shouldn't be anyone behind us to give the points to who are still in the race.
  • I agree with this !!!

    It just wouldn't be right or fair to finish in the points with a "different" car as the other teams !!!!
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