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The Battle is over

No Minardis in the Australian GP :(
This is a sad day for Formula 1 :(


  • Source? It's still 5 mins to 11...
  • Where on Earth did you hear this?
    I can find no mention of it on any website!
  • According to Swedish TV4 :(
  • According to German TV, it's still not sure.... I stay optimistic.
  • It had to be sorted by 11:00 today. I'd say it's over.

    I do hear grumbles that they could race under appeal, but it's highly unlikely. If you ask me they should put the '05 spec wings on, hack the diffusers and if need be only run one car. Have CA and PF both shoot it out in practice with the one car, decide who's quickest and give the faster of the two the race seat for the weekend. Anything to get them on the grid!

    You never know, it could turn out like 2002..?
  • From grandprix.com :
    Minardi is not running the first practice session for the Australian Grand Prix because Ferrari continues to refuse to sign to let the team run. Paul Stoddart met the FIA Stewards this morning to discuss the situation and then told the media that he has the agreement of the other teams, including Jordan and Red Bull but that Ferrari is continuing to block his involvement in the race.

    "It's stupidity," said Stoddart.
  • Allright, if anybody is looking for me, tell him I am in my bed.

    Good night from Germany, it's 1:18 ;)
  • No Paul, it's stupid what YOU are doing!

    I've supported Paul all the way, but this time he's gone too far. :spank:
  • 30 mins til final scrutineering.
  • "It's stupidity," said Stoddart.
    One thing I agree with him on, but he really should look a lot closer to home on that one! It's YOUR fault you RELIED on other teams giving you dispensation, NOT theirs!!!!
    Grrrr makes me f***ing mad! :mad:
  • If you ask me they should put the '05 spec wings on, hack the diffusers and if need be only run one car. Have CA and PF both shoot it out in practice with the one car, decide who's quickest and give the faster of the two the race seat for the weekend. Anything to get them on the grid!
    Super-glue the car together, perform surgery on the diffusor and then send a rookie out on a track with speeds reaching 325km/h?

    I'm glad our drivers aren't married, it'll save us the cost of sending flowers.
  • So 8 teams are wrong and one team is right.

    The problem is that Ferrari have gone behind everyone's back to extend the concorde agreement.

    Ferrari is not F1. This has nothing to do with Minardi, but the future of F1.
  • Manni don't be so blind my friend. True, I'm no TOIT fan at all, but you can't run a proffesional F1 outfit relying on the help of others all the time and special dispensation. At some point he has to draw in the reins ans take responsibility himself. I'm hoping that if all this goes through and Minardi does not race on sunday it might give him a few home truths and make him pull his finger out and realise that he ain't running the Ford Capri owners club he's running a team in the worlds PREMIER formulae.
  • I'm afraid it is really over: Ferrari and more important the FIA reject Minardi!!! :( It's on autosport.com.

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  • I'm afraid it is really over: Ferrari and more important the FIA reject Minardi!!! :( It's on autosport.com.
    FIA gave them the thumbs up, but Ferrari continue to veto.

    Still, it's not Sunday yet.
  • Well, apparently not, otherwise autosport and atlas don't report this. Stoddart:Todt refuses to sign any papers directly from Stoddart, he is only willing to sign official papers from Charlie Whiting(Fia).

    Max Mosly has another story: at least 3 teams are against it!

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    [Edited on 4/3/2005 by vuurmuur]
  • http://www.gp2003.com/news/news.php?lang=uk&lastpoll=&id=9300&mode=detail&month=3&year=2005

    Finally, what’s your reaction to Paul Stoddart as the Formula One shop steward?

    Max Mosley:
    I think Paul is a bit too trusting, even naïve. One or two team principals who now pretend to be his best friends are the same individuals who tried to grab his Minardi money a couple of years ago. They were only stopped because the FIA insisted he should get what was due to him. They then said Paul had no place in Formula One. They are using him now, but will turn on him as soon as it suits them. Paul is doing the best he can, but in the end only the FIA protects the independent teams in Formula One.
  • Vuurmuur

    I checked out your lead about Autusport and Atlas stories which were basically identical. Mosley/FIA states that 3 teams were against us using the 2004 car. It is only a guess on my part but I would imagine that Jordan/Midland is the 3rd team to stop us from running as their 2 regular drivers were way off the pace in the morning session. Plan A looks like it is in deep trouble.........
  • Yeah, you are probably right about Midland. Those drivers are really slow compared to Doornbos. I can imagine their fear!

    March 2005 - [01:30]

    No Minardi’s on opening day

    The two Minardi’s of Christijan Albers and Patrick Freisacher sat still and silent in pitlane this morning after the team was refused permission to run their 2004 contenders in the opening round of the season, team boss Paul Stoddart conceding defeat, for now.

    The Australian entrepreneur admitted that things were looking bad for him at his home race and the possibility was very strong that he would be forced to sit on the sidelines on Sunday afternoon. But he would attempt to play their political game and hopefully win….

    "I am being messed about, completely messed about," Stoddart fumed to reporters at the Albert Park track. "Why people do this kind of things, I just don’t know. I'm going to try and play the stupid game and hope we can try and get another document with signatures. We've got to try and get the signatures. We don't want people to say 'if you'd ask me we would have signed'. We'll play the stupid game and let the politics ruin the racing as it's doing. You'll see Minardi cars not going out of the garage."

    Stoddart’s anticipated meeting with Ferrari principal Jean Todt didn’t go well, the Frenchman confirming that there was no way he would sign anything handed to him by the Australian. However, he did compromise to some degree stating that if he was asked to specifically by the FIA, then he would.

    Nut according to Max Mosley, this may not be forthcoming either as Ferrari is not the only team against the situation….

    "Paul has known about the new bodywork regulations since 6 September 2004, in fact, his team voted for them that day in common with all the other teams,” he said.“We understand that he has the latest bodywork in Melbourne even if he has not yet tested it fully. We also understand that at least three teams would object to him running outside the regulations (which it is also our job to enforce). If he decides not to run, we think it unlikely that the Melbourne organizers will seek compensation from him."

    But, Stoddart states all other teams have signed....

    "Ferrari haven't signed and we won't be running in this session. The other teams had all signed and the two teams who hadn't signed in their new team principals' format both accept that they are bound by it."

    Hopefully it will be sorted by the second session.
    It doesn't look good but here is still some hope.

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  • This sucks. I really have a problem with PS doing this. Even Jordan was able to modify a car to comform with the regs. Why does PS want to sidestep the rules? It just makes Minardi look low-rent.
  • This is all just too wierd.

    Just read an article where Max has said that he believes that Minardi HAVE a compliant diffuser in Oz for the car.

    For whatever reason there is a major brinkmanship exercise happenning here and no-one is backing down yet.

    Heard that TOIT are getting big BOOS every time they go onto the track which is amazing given that they have the strongest following in OZ of all the teams. Mind you, Stoddart has spent a lot of time in all media since he has been here, whingeing about TOIT. Nothing Melbournians love more than to have one of their own trampled by the big boys.

    Actually, I'm quite enjoying it all.

    Our problem here at FM.Com is that we want to see our cars on track doing their thing and the frustration here that they aren't is understandably strong. Has anyone noticed the Judas' times? Ignoring Karthikeyan's demostration of what he does best, they are 7 seconds off the time........euuuggghhh!

    So what's it all about, eh?

    Do Minardi back down and race the car with the compliant diffuser?

    Do the FIA back down and Minardi brings out the diffuser anyway?

    Do Minardi race with the old diffuser under protest and take everyone off to court when they get back to Europe?

    Do Minardi not race at all?

    Does Stoddart skip Friday and head down to the local Magistrates Court and get an injunction?

    Who is really behind all this and what the fuck do they want?

    Why did Max say that Stoddart is being naive in trusting the other team bosses when responding to a question as to Minardi's aero non-compliance?

    Why are my toe nails so long?

    Why did Minardi (on the face of it) modify the car to 05 specs and test it (without the diffuser) if they had no intention of complying the whole car?

    Oh, it goes on and on.

    My advice is to sit back and see how it all pans out. The forces at work here are definitely not about Minardi being able to comply a car for 05 regs, NOT AT ALL.

    By the way, Matt. Last year when Minardi were 5 seconds off the pace you said that they had no right to be there. This year, Jordan are seven off the pace and you are holding them up as champions of the free world.

    It's OK, no need to respond. We all understand.
  • Disgusting! Mianrdi has turned into a travelling circus. If only they could spoend more money in trying to develop a car, instead of crying for sympathy!! Long gone are the days of GCM!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Lease makes a series of fine points, but I'm still depressed.

    Made time to watch practice tonight, and I've not a single shot of our cars on the grid.

    This stinks.
  • Word is Minardi has everything they need for a 2005 spec car at the track, that is what American press is reporting. If this is true, I assume this means they could switch to this before quals and qualify?

    It's not unlike Paul to hold out and try to prove a point, but if he has everything ready, he won't keep our cars out of the race. He has sponsors and drivers to please, after all, not to mention the fans.
  • Just read on Reuters that Stewards said no. Paul will go to court to be able to run...but will also work on the cars through the night to meet 2005 specs........
  • but will also work on the cars through the night to meet 2005 specs........
    All my faith and prayers are hinging on the Crew right now. If anybody can get the job done it is Massimo and the dedicated men and women of Faenza.


  • OK so now I am pissed. We can work over night and get the cars to spec but not over the winter?

    Politics is a shite game to play.

  • This whole situation is not good, I just hope we are in the practice sessions tomorrow.
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