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Minardi comparison

Courtesy of Pauls circus act, Minardi's 2005 campaign resembles some other not-so well known teams...

Onyx (1989)
Came into F1 with a bang (much like Stoddart) and proved good with a 3rd place finish (remember Webber's 5th?) Absurd team management however meant it all turned to shit...sound familiar?

Andrea Moda (1992)
Autosport said "... motor racing should really be left to motor racing people, people who have a vague idea ... what they are doing."

Pacific (1994)
Success is lower formula's (such as F3000 in this case) mean nothing when it comes to F1. Paul it seems didnt listen. (remember the Arrows Junior Team?)

Lola (1997)
An example of what happens when you rush to make the grid. Paul was too busy watching the Tyrrells at the time to notice.

Minardi (2005)
All of the above

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