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First row all italian
It hasn't happened for 21 years
Last time it was "the Prince" Elio De Angelis and Michele Alboreto (rest in peace, boys)

FORZA giancarlo & jarno

ps 3 minardistas in the first 3 positions, ehehe


  • uhm.. Salvo,

    there's still a 2nd quali before we know who will be on 1st row!!!!;)
  • well, the gap seems too big. But everything's possible, you're right.

  • First row all italian
    It hasn't happened for 21 years
    And how often has the back row been all Italian? :hehe:

  • run like hell:spank::cool::hehe:
  • Gp is at 4 am here.
    Qualifying? What time?
  • 0:00 according to f1racing.net
  • 2nd quali will always be 4 hours before the race.

    Now the programm starts with some preview. At midnight the 2nd quali starts.
    When it ends I'm going to bed, and tomorrow morning at 09.00h or 09.30h I will watch the re-transmission!!!!!!:D
  • I will watch the re-transmission!!!!!!
    You're disappointing me.
  • You're young, and if you go to bed at 06.00h you can sleep untill you wake up.
    But I have a 2-year old son who will stand by my bed tomorrw morning at aprox 08.30h. !!!!! :)
  • Well, put him in front of the TV and show him the "Haqppy Tree Friends"-DVD in continuous loop.
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