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Stoddie offers to resign...

if Max does.

Who would step into the breach as team principal, would that mean that Paul could seriously contend for the FIA presidency?!??

Seriously, Max has some serious problems. threatening to ban countries from the calander because they employ a Westminster Legal system is a joke... the man has lost the plot.

It will be interesting to see the teams reactions to the whole saga, previously the agreement of 10 teams was enough to make a change to the rules but Max has put his foot down saying the FIA make the rules, not the teams.

How long will it be before the two race engine rule is revised? Honda pulled in both their cars so they can begin in Malaysia with new engines. Cars outside the points not finishing to find loopholes in the rules, now thats not a good look for the FIA.


  • Yes indeed. Looks like there will be an FIA world council meeting to discuss the court case. Hefty fine or race suspension could be in the offing.
  • then off to the courts again.
  • I think we'll be suspended or have a defered penalty if we do it agian. This is serious shit. We're talking ego here.
  • Not that I'm a stirrer, or anything. But take a look at the attached thread.


    This could be our future.
  • I think EJ - having now been ousted as team leader and with Jordans name and image about to be gobbles up by Midlands in 2006 should switch camps and join Minardi.

    If Stoddart simply ran the 'business' and held out the pitboard come race day, and let Eddie Jordan and GCM run the race team then we'd have a much slicker, better run operation.

    Recall EJ took his team from rear of grid upstarts with no money to race winner and championship contender within 10 years. And his 'rock and roll' image (and yellow car! just like old times...) is much more marketable that Stoddarts complaining and ugly PS04's.
  • I'm with you Brooksey. Keep your friends close but your enemies even closer. ;)

    In all seriousness, that's not a bad idea, but in all likelihood EJ would want to be doing it just about for free for us to afford him, and I can't see 2 people with large egos like Stoddart and EJ melding too well together.

    Who makes the decisions?
  • Who makes the decisions?
    Stoddart can make the business decisions, Jordan can make the marketing decisions, GCM can make the racing decisions.

    It's that simple.

    As for paying EJ, why not offer him a small stake in the team? At a small fee of course. (think of all the Jordan fans joining us!)
  • Yeah, but the business decisions have a direct correllation with the racing and marketing decisions don't they?

    "Sorry GCM, can't afford to test this week as that sponsor fell through, and we can't travel to Bahrain for that photoshoot Eddie because I was relying on said sponsor's money to cover airfares and accomodation. Now off you both go and try and feed the masses with just bread and fish"

    It's a nice pie-in-the-sky thought balloon, but I don't think having a three headed monster would work for too long.


  • By marketing, I meant more in terms of the public figure for the team.

    Having Paul as our figurehead is ok...but he isnt the most loved of team principals. GCM on the other hand has the Sauber syndrome. He just doesnt figure in and give the team an 'image'. Eddie by contrast can speak up and get his 15 minutes, whilst not looking like a whinger and a prat at the same time.

    So with Paul running the 'business', as he does best, GCM heading the team at the track, and EJ being the figurehead we'd be a force! :cool:
  • Forget Eddie, Purnell is unemployed.
  • I read somewhere on the net that EJ might go to work for BE !!!:o
  • Forget Eddie, Purnell is unemployed.
    Oooh good point...but I hear Williams is after him.
  • No, I heard Williams were after Pitchforth !!
  • Purnell and Pitchforth, regardless, deserve jobs on the grid. They turned Jaguar around on a limited budget in 2 years.
  • Get them both, we'll get BMW engines and be sponsored by MINI



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