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Williams and BMW - on the rocks


The talk is that Williams and BMW are arguing again, and Williams are looking at a new engine supplier. BMW are now after Credit Suiss's 65% stake in the Sauber team.

If this should come abouts I wonder what will happen to Williams? They have the following of being a 'top' team, but with no engine manufacturer supporting them they'll be out in the cold against the likes of Ferrari, Mclaren Mercedes, Renault, BAR Honda, Toyota, BMW Sauber...

I'd say talk to Cosworth, look for 'official' backing from them and go back to the old white, green and blue Williams of the 70's and 80's. :D

[Edited on 15/3/2005 by Brooksey]


  • it was already on-the-rocks when sauber dropped ferrari and woo-ed bmw...
  • it started when they built crap chassis for their engines. Only have themselves t oblame on this.
  • As much as I like Sauber, I can't see them building better chassis's than Williams. Unless BMW want more hands on involvement.
  • Weirdest of all is that Williams designers cook some nice stuff when out of there, e.g. Fisher's BAR. Where's JetSet when we need an inside view of the things?:spank:
  • Fisher's at Williams, Willis is at BAR. There was lame brained excuse that Fisher has not fully recovered from a motorcycle accident he had 2 years ago.
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