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We are taking new V10s for Malyasia

And copping the penalty. Which means that we'll have to take a penalty in Imola when we switch to new engine spec. Not a bad move however, you can go further back than last.


  • Wouldn't that mean its bahrain where we take the penalty?
  • No they should take the penalty when they start the race with the new engine. In this instance Malaysia.
  • If we change engines now, that means that we won't take a penalty at Imola, (provided a car doesn't DNF in Malaysia and finish in Bahrain with a different engine).
    And only Friesacher will be penalised in Malaysia, as Alber gets a free engine change for having DNFd in Australia.
  • Albers reckens that the CR3 will never run 2 races in a row.
  • Albers reckens that the CR3 will never run 2 races in a row.
    Hasn't it been de-tuned again for this season? Judging by the speed of our cars, I sure hope that is the case... ;)

    What is your source?
  • What is your source?
    Christijan Albers!:P
  • What vuurmuur said. :cool:
  • It's also in the dutch newspaper AD
    Friesacher will get the penalty because he finished the race in Melbourne, Albers won't.

    ehh...sorry, that is what Panda said... :spank:

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  • Seeing that Pat spun out of the race VERY early on, I would suggest to use the same engine in Bahrein.

    Like that, in Imola he won't get a penalty.
    A penalty once we have the power to quali in front of the Jordans would NOT be good !!!
  • that won't help if i understand the new rules correctly

    interesting issue though, will we get a penalty if we use a completely new car which HAS to use a new engine
  • If both cars DNF in Bahrain, there will be no engine related penalty for the PS05.

    I can see both cars suddenly getting mysterious unresolvable, handling problems about 5 laps from the end of the next GP.
  • Pat's new engine had his 1st race in Malasia.
    Bahrein will be his 2nd race (if he uses the same engine).
    So he WILL BE ALLOWED to use a fresh engine (TJ) in Imola.

    If Albers decides to use a new engine in Bahrein (1st race) he's supposed to use it again in Imola.
    But, he has to change to the new TJ for the PS05.

    If this will be the scenario than Pat might have a good quali in Imola, but Albers will get a penalty !!!!!

    But of course, Skruff's scenario may also happen !!!!

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