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Heading for Malaysia

Hi guys, have packed the teamshirts & heading to Malaysia for a Friday arrival - starting the holiday with the sweet sound of Cossies!...
Heading to the track on the Sunday with the wife and the 2 year-old (mad, but I suppose you've gotta get 'em indoctrinated young)...sitting in grandstand K1 at turns 1/2.
Hopefully will get some photos worth posting when I arrive in Oz the following week.
For those in the know, what's the best way of getting photos on the board, as they'll be on disc from 35mm?


  • Heading for Malay from where?
  • djguru, brought my 4yo boy along for Friday afternoon practice in Melbourne.

    Lasted 2 minutes before he said "Daddy I want to go home, NOW!!! Which we did:mad:

    I thought it was a great idea of my wife to suggest it.

    Forget earplugs, bring headphones.
  • Hi djguru,

    RobertJan (ForzaMinardi) is usually happy to post good pics for the site, if you don't have a site to link.

    Ask him!

    May see you there. Let me know how to contact you.


  • If you have a good number of pictures, I can put them on my web space to save RJ's bank a bit.
  • Leaving Northern Ireland on Thursday night to arrive KL on Friday night, befor heading 'home' to Sydney to visit the relos & friends for 3 weeks.
    Dr Spin - the only contact detail I have is the hotel we're staying in - Grand Plaza Parkroyal. Looking forward to the 37 degree heat...
    Jello - thanks, I'll let you know if I get anything worthwhile to post!
  • Does that make you Irish Irish or British Irish? Or Aussie Irish British .... never mind.

    Little kids at races...mine is staying home with Mrs MCSF when we have our Imola love in.
  • DJGuru,

    Don't know if we'll meet up or not.

    At this stage I have two possibilities for tickets and won't be sure which is on till Saturday.

    You can call me on 7784 3040 or leave me a number to contact you. I may be arranging transport for another visitor from the UK.

    If you see me around with white goatee, Minardi gear and camera, say hi! We'll get a photo for the Minardi Sepang 05 gallery.

  • spin,

    was there today to do some work. caught up with alot of the main men from the team and elsewhere from the media gang etc.

    you should go on sunday and get all the pics for the board. i'm not going so you can use my car and paddock passes.

    graham and massimo send best wishes to the board.
  • If you have a good number of pictures, I can put them on my web space to save RJ's bank a bit.
    no need for that, I've got loads of space
  • Thanks Facty, sounds good to me.
  • spin, have to be at the track in the morning as my meeting with a party at the paddocks was postponed from saturday to sunday.

    so will leave the paddocks at 12.30pm and meet you outside the entrance of carpark PO (usual place where we park before the paaddock tunnel) to hand over the pass and car pass to you. race only starts at 3pm anyway.
  • I'll be there!
  • Well, I survived the weekend with the wife and the 2-year old in tow, so a few views to share.
    Sorry Dr Spin, didn't read the board re your contact details: I ended up seeing only one guy with a Minardi cap all weekend so I was definitely outnumbered - would have been nice to see some other Minardi-supporting optimists!
    And optimists we need to be: I know that much has been covered elsewhere re the race and all the talk is of Imola and beyond, but the harsh reality is that, in the flesh, these cars are woeful.
    We sat at Turns 1 & 2, so a large right after the main straight followed by the short poke of power to the tight downhill lefthander. The Minardis were seemingly on the TC all the way through the sequence compared to most others; the right hander demonstrated lack of rear grip and Albers had a couple of off-on moments to keep it together here, the left hander no good for front-end through turn-in. So no technical revelations from me then...
    Friesachers spin was amateurish in the extreme, he's blamed oil from Button but I didn't see any others even remotely caught out at that time; JV went off later but at least he went straight on and could be blamed on brakes etc at that stage - I also wonder how long he will last with Sauber as he was no match for Massa through the race.
    Albers was tidy through our sequence but tooled around adrift from everyone for much of the time (although the New Straits Times kindly had him only 1 lap down in their report!), as did Monteiro and Karthi, with Karthi far more impressive even is his obeservance of the blue flags and his speed over Monteiro. On race pace they are a long way ahead though.
    Lots of anti-TOIT sentiment where we were, so things are looking up!
    No merchandise at the stands - when will these guys learn that anything is better than nothing?
    I've got J-Peg and M-peg action to post (including PF mid-spin); will do it tomorrow. Is there any size preference on the J-Peg? Either Jello or RJ, what's the addresses to send these too?

    PS: SuperRoo - the son didn't mind the cars, wouldn't wear the hearing protection, but HATED the damned Malaysian airforce and their fancy flying...

  • Jello at kidgasm dot com.

    800x600 and a sub-100kb size would be nice on the jpegs so that I could post them without editing at all. if you could compress the files into a .rar or .zip, it would be much appreciated. If the file is too big for your email account to attach I could arrange for an ftp account directly to a web directory.
  • jello, what is the thing with you and uploading pics?you haven't even got the possibility to put it on the front page anyway. I've got over 300 mb available so that should do

    minardi(at)aon.at is the address if you want to host it on forza, djguru, any size welcome
  • He asked how to contact me, I told him. Sorry to offend.
  • DJGuru,

    No problems re contacts.

    I was pretty busy all weekend anyway.

    Look forward to seing your pics. Mine were a bit rushed and I didn't trim them to remove all the backs and headless bodies.

    Thought RJ might have but left them unedited.

    Hope you enjoyed Malaysia despite the heat and haze.

  • RJ - stuff now sent, do with it as you will!
    Jello - thanks for the address, better to cover all the bases...
    Spin - enjoyed immensely, the heat was pretty much but it was worth it!

  • good pics, especially like the mpegs

    uploading right now
  • good stuff, it's all online now and can be admired on the front page
  • Nice video clips & photos djguru, much appreciated:D:cool:
  • Great stuff djguru !! Nice to see some racing through the eyes of a Minardi-fan, even when it's Patrick losing control of his car.:spank: Let's hope you'll be witnessing some pointscoring by Minardi in the near future :D
  • Cool, specially the vids Dave
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