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Very professional!

You caught Friesacher red handed there at the exact time of losing control of the car.

He should be disappointed about that.

Thanks for all who are sending pictures of our team in action and sharing them with us...


  • Great stuff !!!
  • Murph -This puts you under pressure for equally good pics from Imola!!
  • Great shots and vids DJGuru.

    The Turn 1 and following tight lefthander T2 are quite awesome in traffic.

    Sorting out the order on the first lap at this point gets the addrenalin rushing. I've ridden in a race car with a certain young Malaysian driver and still remember the Gs and drop down on the T2.

  • the pictures of the spin are better than the ones on sutton, well done :hehe:
  • Sutton needs to reruit new employees.:hehe:

    FORZA David
  • Foto bellissime
  • Thanks guys!
    The PF photo was lucky ; I was juggling the video camera and the stills and was mighty peed-off about the cable holding the stand roof aloft so all-in-all it turned out ok. And the quality of the CD from the 35mm was decidedly average so not too bad.
    Sutton; where are you?

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