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We're 4th!

Not on the grid, but for the German Fans.

According a survey of F1Total.com, Minardi is the 4th sympathic Team in Formula 1. They missed the podium by less than 2%

1. Sauber-Petronas 28,07 %
2. TOIT (it stands for "the other italien Team, doesn't it?) 26,75 %
3. McLaren Mercedes 12,95 %
4: Minardi-Cosworth - 11,05:
5. BAR-Honda - 6,05 %
6. BMW-Williams - 5,20 % 7: Renault - 3,59 %
8. Jordan-Ford - 2,17 %
9. Toyota - 1,89 %
10. Jaguar - 1,42 %


  • Next year the TOP!
  • I hope so, but 4th place isn't bad either.
  • we're happy that people pity our team?
  • 2. TOIT (it stands for "the other italien Team, doesn't it?) 26,75 %
    Poor bastards, they didn't win Brazil :P
    It must be hard for them.....
  • and sauber was first?:rolleyes:
  • Then I was not that wrong when I messed up our Italian survey, RJ;)
  • PS It's quite funny to see again Clown as a "Junior Member"!!!

    But why for some of us the previous post number was deleted to 0 and for others (like Salvo and Emmett) it wasn't?
  • RJ is slowly putting the counts back....
    I'm up to 4K+ again :cool:

  • Sauber first? Most sympathetic? More like most boring if you ask me.
  • The Other Italian Team is more symphatic than THE REAL ITALIAN TEAM????!!!!!!!
    Surely these Germans have no idea of what sympathy is!....:D
  • Surely these Germans have no idea of what sympathy is!...
    Don't blame me, I voted

    -Baumgartner for the best pilot (place 14)
    -Baumgartner for the most sympathic pilot (place 16)
    -Bruni for the best rookie (place 3)
    -Minardi for the team of the year (place 5)
    -Minardi for the biggest improvement (place 8)
    -Stoddie for Team Principal of the year (place 5)
    -CR-3L for engine of the year (place 9, not last)
    -PS04B for car of the year (place 7)
    -Minardi for the most sympathic team (place 4)

    At least, TRIT is nowhere last :)

    [Edited on 21/11/2004 by Homer]
  • "TRIT" I like it. we should put togethera index of these things, it's getting confusing.
  • .....enjoying being a newbie again.......ahhh brings back the memories!!!
  • Why did you come out of hard-earned retirement?
  • I always figured it was "The Italian Team" and we just never used the acronym for obvious reasons.
  • Um.... TRIT takes it a bit to far :P

    The idea of TOIT and TDW is to not sully the board by using their names.
    With this in mind, the opposite relates to "Minardi"
  • Homer you have taken it a bit too far with giving Minardi the biggest improvement!!!! What was that???
  • Well, for the low budget, Minardi made a big improvement and sometimes, you have to exaggerate... ;)
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